How the platypus broke the science geek..

It’s been a long time since I last invaded someone’s privacy, so here’s a transcript of an SMS chat between Louise and I. It’s a perfect example that I actually do try to have serious conversations about scientific topics every now and then.. And that I they often derail horribly within very few minutes.

In this case, somehow astrophysics begat duckbilled platypuses and everything went downhill from there:

Louise: Damn physics are nice, right now, I’m seriously hoping to draw astro physics for my exam. What joyful bliss to be able to use clearly defined physical laws to hint the existence of possible parallel universes.

Johan: Strange, I thought about astrophysics when I ready your status update, you lost me around that part about constants not being constants though, can’t wrap my head around that nonsense. Good for you, though.

Louise: Must be on to something then. I’ve made a pact with myself not to try to understand the underlying theory, I reckon one would just go crazy trying to fathom that.

Johan: I reckon that’s where my problem lies. I get upset and angry when I run into something I don’t understand and subsequently try again and again, leaving myself hurting and confused. I never did contemplate that it probably was not for mortal men to understand.

Louise: Heh, the mere thought of a time dimension angled onto a x,y,z graph is absud. Nevertheless. Those are the facts.

Johan: No, those are the theories 😛 By and large, I’ve a hard time accepting that absurdities seem to be involved in our otherwise complex and reasonable base for existence. The mere fact that the universe is held together by absurdities does not seem very comforting at all.

Louise: I reckon it just makes everything more fun.

Johan: As previously stated, it frightens and frustrates me. The only absurdity I find funny is the duckbilled platypus. Those, on the other hand are funny as fuck!

Louise: Haha.. Word! 😀

Johan: In fact, I was greatly upset when I discovered that platypuses are poisonous, I’d have killed for a pet platypus

Louise: Aww.. Yes.. Please!

Johan: On second though, apparently only males are poisonous,  maybe one should get a female pet platypus

Louise: Can hardly describe how sweet that would be!

Johan: I just hope it won’t be a major mess when she’s in heat. Would be quite a nuisance to have every male platypus in the neighborhood barking up your front door for a week.

Louise: A mighty ruckus that would create.

Johan: Indeed, but such are the woes of a platypus owner. With great joy comes great responsibility!

(… End transmission)

There you go.. Five fucking minutes and what could’ve been a very serious conversation derailed into the woes of platypuses in heat.. Well done, Johan, well done indeed.. I still want a pet platypus, though.


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