Whoa!! Jeebus!!

Holy Hell, Batman! I just had the bejeebus scared out of me on my way home from work.. Twice.. Within two minutes!

So, here’s the deal.. In case you hadn’t noticed, I dig music! Like really! So I hardly ever go anywhere without my trusty iPod and my walk to and from work is generally no exception and neither was today. Also, I’ve been kinda metalled out lately, so I’ve been listening to a lot of softer, more mellow and classic stuff. Which is probably why I, on my way home tonight, on a particularly cool and slightly wet summer night, was listening to Pink Floyd’s classic “Wish You Were Here” album. Now, this album, which actually ranks pretty high on my list of favorite albums is rather on the experimental and psychedelic containing only five songs despite being a full length album. One is a pretty, little ballad carrying the same name as the record, the other are longer songs featuring a lot of trippy guitars, synths and quite a large array other sound effects, most of which really take advantage of the stereo music media as to appear to come from only the left or the right speaker or to shift and fade between the two.. It’s really quite a lot more  mesmerizing  than it sounds. Especially if you’re listening to it in headphones or earbuds because the soundscape seems to completely surround you.. And no you don’t need to be on drugs to enjoy it. It can be enjoyed quite nicely and in a very sober manner on an early Tuesday morning on a byroad slightly outside downtown Kolding.

Of course needless to say, such haunting soundscapes take on a totally different feeling when you’re trotting along a dark, dimly lit slightly wet road at 2 AM in the morning.. And even more so when you suddenly look over your shoulder to see a figure clad completely in black approaching you. Not that this is actually what scared me though it did make me a little uneasy. It turned out to be just some random, drunken young man on his way home who, for whatever reasons decided that he needed to converse with me as we were apparently both heading in the same direction. As such, we didn’t really have much to talk about, he made a couple of remarks along the lines of “Good thing it stopped raining, huh?” to which I stuck my hands out and caught a few drops to prove that it was in fact still raining but other than that trying to silently let him know I wasn’t really interested in talking which he seemed to understand. After having made a few more seemingly friendly remarks, he wished me a good evening and turned left down another stretch of road while I walked on, feeling slightly weirded out.. A feeling that suddenly turned to sheer terror as I heard the very same guy’s voice laughing softly in my ear..

Needless to say, I screamed bloody murder and spun around myself like four or five times, heart pounding, dead silence and empty space all around me. It literally took me about five seconds to realize that I was neither going crazy, nor were my ears playing tricks on me, the soft chuckle in my ear had simply been a sample on the song “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” recorded by a member of the band who obviously sounded a lot like the guy I’d just bumped into.. At this point, I couldn’t help but laugh at my own stupidity, but my heart was still racing at a pretty alarming rate as I walked on down the sloped, dark road and bumped heads with a cute, wittle, pwayful kitty!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I have absolutely nothing against playful little kittens. What I do have something against is playful kittens who pounce on you from the darkness of bushes at 2:05 AM on a dark Tuesday morning when your heart is already racing at about twice the recommended rate.. Needless to say, more spinning and turning and crying of bloody murder ensued as I once again gathered myself and mumbled something along the lines of “Holy shit, kitty, you scared the shit out of me” and walked on, just to nearly stumble over said playful kitty’s playful kitty friend..

Which, incidentally, is about when I decided to get back onto a more brightly lid road and play some less psychedelic and less progressive music. Not that there’s anything wrong with Pink Floyd but it probably should be saved for a day when I could give it my full attention and not having to worry about finding my way in the dark while stumbling between or over drunk strangers and random kittens. A good decision, it turned out, as the remainder of my trip turned out a hell of a lot easier and with far less shock value.. Lesson learned!


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