Work, more work, and some more work (for good measure)

There isn’t honestly much to say on the news front other than I’m putting in good hours at work and am making good progress on the thesis. I’ve had two shifts at work already one’s been pretty quiet but, just for contrast, tonight has been pretty busy.. I’m at the point in my thesis where I’m going through the entire thing, doing final revisions and initial proof-reading. It’s quite a test of both my motivation, my will and my sanity. I made it through 2o pages today before having to stop or run the risk of wearing myself down or just, plain simply, going crazy. But hey, 20 pages is about what I expected to be able to handle in a day, so it’s all pretty good.. Now, if I can just keep my motivation going for the last two and a half weeks.. It will all be over soon!

One thing I want to mention, though, was about work.. Which, all things considered, went well. Not only did I manage to snatch a lift home seeing as one of our vans died and needed a jump start and thus needed to run around for a little to build up battery power.. Well, what better way to do that than to drive me home? Hey, I thought so too.. But I digress.. Even better than that, I landed myself a contract extension! See, I was really only supposed to be working at GLS till the 31st of this month.. But since they obviously can’t do without me, I was asked if I wanted to stay on for at least a month longer, and since I obviously don’t know how to quit them, I agreed. Apparently they have larger volumes than they expected they’d have at this time and what with the cut downs already having been made, they’re sorta in the need for a helping hand.. And since the alternative for me would be not going to school and not working? Well yeah, lay it on me! It’ll give me something to do other than sitting around and getting turned down for jobs.

So that’s cool.. And I’m knackered.. And incoherent.. And I have to try and get up early tomorrow on account of having a shit-ton of stuff to do. So, bed it is!


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