Well, kudos to Apple!

I have quite possibly maybe said it before, but I will run the risk of saying it again: I love Apple products!!

“No?! Johan? Really?!,” I hear you gasp.. But yes.. Really! Eh, thing is.. It turns out parts of my bitching and moaning from last night was in vain. At least the part that concerned my iPod being dropped and all.

See, it started acting all funky afterwards, with choppy sound only streaming to one ear and stuff which pissed me off quite a lot because only having sound in one ear is annoying enough as it is, having only choppy sound in only one ear is even more annoying.. And thinking you have only yourself to blame for being a dumbass and dropping your damn iPod.. Well, all in all it makes for a pretty unhappy Johan.

Either way, as you may have guessed, I took it home, got some sleep, woke up, played with it a bit.. And well, I figured out that apparently it was a pair of old faulty ear duds that made it act up and not my smashing against the asphalt. The iPod works fine and with an old pair of noise canceling ear duds I found lying around, it actually sounds better than ever.. So, really, again.. Kudos to Apple for actually making products that can withstand the clumsiness of someone like me. I mean, honestly, it’s not like I don’t try to break their products.. Well, I mean, I don’t.. But I mean, I’m clumsy.. They get their fair share of abuse.

This particular iPod I must have dropped at least seven times on various surfaces, still playing..

My Macbook has been put down a little.. uhh.. roughly quite a few times and doesn’t even have a scratch to show, let alone anything much worse.

My old iBook, spilled various stuff on it, dropped things in or on the keyboard, knocked it clear off the table, twice, and still couldn’t kill it. It lived to get stolen before it died on me completely.

And my old 2nd gen iPod? It got fucking run over and was still playing.. I mean, honestly! It got run over, along with me, hit right on the hood of the car, flew with me over the car and smashed down on the pavement with me, leaving an iPod sized imprint on my thigh for three weeks.. And it was still blasting Soulfly’s “Bleed” as I gathered myself and my teeth and wiped the blood off my face.. Rather ironic, I dare say!

So, really, it’s not like I haven’t given it my all.. Some would even argue I’ve given it a little too much.. But my Apple products still stay faithful and they still work. So you go ahead and call Apple products over-priced and shitty.. I apparently loves me some over-priced, shitty, shiny things ❤

Ah yes, if you can’t tell, I’m feeling a bit hell of a lot more cheerful today, probably because I’ve only had a nine hour work day, have actually gotten some fresh air and exercise (other than in the form of going to work). And I’ve had company, of the human variety.. Or well, I’ve made myself company.. In that I invited myself over to Tina’s after finishing my last chores at uni and spent a little time cracking really bad jokes, arguing a little for good measure, eating some of her food (after much insisting on her behalf.. thanks babe!), discussing just where milk comes from (not the ass of a goat, evidently (long story, dont ask!))  and watching a few episodes of The Big Bang Theory with her.. Ah, good times, even if I just spent about an hour total there.

Apparently, when you’re working long days and there’s not too much to be cheerful about, it’s those little things that matter, and apparently they matter a lot.. So yay!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to eat the dinner I never had (hey, it’s only a little past midnight), then get some much needed sleep. It hasn’t been that long of a day but I’ve gotten a lot of work done, so I’m absolutely, positively knackered.. Again.


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