Everything, apparently, tastes better when well-deserved

Y’know, it’s kind of ironic. I pride myself on being a man of good taste who would rather spent a little extra on something good and enjoy it all the more. Over the course of the years, this has caused me to spend borderline obscene amounts of money on quality foods, wines, spirits and beers. I have a fully stocked wine fridge within reaching distance to my right and a collection of single malts and rums to my left that would wow most students my age.. Not to mention a collection of some of the most exclusive beers in the world stocked away at the back of the basement..

Yet, all that aside, and bearing my supposed good taste and fondness of quality in mind, I am, at this very moment, sitting here and having one of those really memorable beer experiences.. At 2 AM on a Friday night while drinking a mass-produced “Tiger” lager beer that I picked up at DKK 5 a pint at the local supermarket earlier today. I’m sure a lot of beer aficionados would kill me for admitting this, but there you go.. It’s not that the beer is that damn good or memorable in itself. As far as a branded lager beer goes it’s like all the others: Heineken, Bud, Carlsberg, the like, which is to say not overly bad.. But not overly good either.

I guess what sets this beer apart is that it’s fucking well-deserved. After a 13 hour work day on a Friday, I feel like I’ve fucking earned it and that alone makes it taste all the better and all the more memorable. Funny how that works.. But I guess that means that from now on I don’t necessarily have to break out the good stuff on a Friday night, I just have to wear myself down before popping the lid on anything. Apparently the more tired I get, the more my standards degrade. Which means I must have been REALLY tired yesterday when Tina and I shared a goodnight beer in the shape of a Cave Creek’s Chili Beer and thought “hey, this is pretty good!” only to look it up online and find out that it’s supposedly one of the worst beers in the world as far as beer geeks are concerned. Ouch. That did, sorta somehow make me feel dirty for liking it, but it does prove the point I made in the title of this post.. That everything, apparently, tastes better when it’s well-deserved.

And well-deserved it is. It’s been an absolutely crazy week. Two shifts at work, and at least 8 hours of work on ye olde thesis per day to add to that. I’ve gotten a fuckload of work done, but I’m also absolutely wrecked. But it’s been worth it. I’m keeping up with my schedule! I’m actually ahead of it. Tomorrow is dedicated to writing a 1-2 page English summary of my entire thesis and then I am actually officially DONE with the writing process. Only proof reading and minor adjustments to go! I’m hoping I’ll be able to write that whole summary thing pretty quickly tomorrow and be done in good time, then put my feet up, kick back and do fuck all all day, save maybe get some good food and a good glass of wine or something. Sunday will officially be my only full day off this week which I’m looking forward to immensely as it’ll give me time to catch up with everything I’ve otherwise neglected. Then it’s back to work on Monday morning with the hopes of having everything done and ready for printing by next Friday evening..

I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I just hope it’s not a freight train coming my way.


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