I’m Still Alive!

.. Eddie Vedder once sang.. And so do I every now and then these days. Apologies for not keeping this blog more updated but when you’re already spending 9+ hours a day in front of the computer doing a bit writing, revision and proof reading.. Well.. Pretty much the last thing you want to do for pass time during your few hours off where you’re not sleeping is, well, doing leisurely writing in front of the computer?

Does that make sense? I may have stopped making sense all-together somewhere along this long and bumpy process. Luckily for you, dear readers, I’m not gonna let this fact stop me from posting one of my increasingly rare updates.

I’m currently sitting at Tina’s and while I’m done with my work for the day, the poor girl is still at it, so I thought I’d slip in a little update if time permits.. Actually, I’ve been at Tina’s quite a lot of evenings lately because even if we’re both working hard, just being in the same room as another person makes it all somehow more manageable. Plus we usually get time off to have some nice food together and maybe watch a few episodes of Big Bang Theory.. Once again, it’s those small things in life.

But hey, the thesis is coming along nicely, thank you very much. It’s hard work, but I can see an end to it all now. I’ve proof read the first 40 pages and on top of that only have a few minor layout issues to address. The plan is for printing to start Friday night and everything to be ready for Saturday morning. Not that I can hand in on Saturday, but hey, it’ll at least be done and I’ll be able to take the weekend off.. Yay!

Fascinating life I’m living right now, huh? Well, I promise there’ll be more exciting updates to come, it’s as if I have this huge consuming and demanding task hanging over my head right now that’s sorta taking over most of my life for the time being.


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