It Is Done

Many, many apologies for letting this blog go un-updated for so long. I know it’s very un-like me, but there you go. The sad truth is that the last week or so of my life have been a reasonable approximation of Hell. I’ve worked 10-12+ hour days, I’ve pretty much not slept in three days and on top of that, I’ve been worried fucking sick about my thesis. It’s a long, damn story that I have absolutely no desire nor energy to relate right now..

All I can say is it’s done.. I haven’t had time to let it all sink in, but it is done! I will be back with updates shortly but my damn head hurts like a motherfucker from sitting so much in front of the computer.. I need rest, I need sleep, I need a beer and gosh darnit, I need a hug!

In the words of General Lee at Gettysburg: “It’s In God’s Hands Now”


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