The good thing about finishing your thesis is it leaves you room to do a lot of those things that you’ve neglected in favor of said thesis, the bad thing about finishing your thesis is that a lot of those things really are no fun doing and grow less fun with neglect.. Case in point: basic cleaning!

Cleaning is an activity I’ve never enjoyed and as such also one that easily gets neglected once I get too many chores on my hands or my stress level starts going up .. Which, if you haven’t noticed, is exactly what has happened over the last few months. So, well, now that I’m done with the whole thesis writing thing and am growing increasingly restless and bored with all the free time I suddenly have on my hands, I figured I now had a pretty good excuse to get to work cleaning up the pigsty that my home had become over the past months.

It’s been interesting.. Really.. and despite giving it a pretty good go today, I’m still not done (yet I have work tonight, so I gotta take a break for dinner and stuff). I seem to have learned a few things in the process, though. Namely that while it feels good to get it all done, it also feels incredibly bad to realize just what conditions you’ve been living under and how blind you’ve been to it what with everything else there’s been to worry about.. Ick!

Oh well, at the very least it has been an eye-opening experience and now is a good time to do something about this huge mess I’ve piled up over the weeks, months or whatever.. So maybe I’ll just devote the rest of this week to working at GLS and taking back control over my own home. Maybe with a little luck I’ll be able to start writing up my resume and some applications on Saturday.. Funny how that works, I used to be pissed that everybody else but me (and a few fellow students) had so much vacation and free time. Now that I technically have time off, I’m unable to just sit back and do nothing without growing absolutely restless.

But then again.. I guess that’s a good thing.. Oh, speaking of getting things done.. Dinner is done, off to eat, then off to work! Bye!


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