But.. It’s too early!

Holy crap on a stick.. Can I just say that Monday mornings shouldn’t start before Tuesday, 11 AM? It has been, all things considered, a pretty wild weekend and here I am, Monday morning, 8 AM, having already been up for almost an hour.

No, I haven’t gone crazy, thrown my life over or anything. I still work nights and I’m still not used to getting up this damned early. However, my house owner is apparently thinking of selling so he has a real estate agent coming over.. At 8 AM on a Monday of all the time slots in the world that could have been picked.

How is this fair to the Johan? I really don’t know. All I do know is that I’m super tired and I don’t think mortal man was made for getting up this early. I needs me some coffee.. Like.. Please..

And I need to write a proper update later when my brain starts working.. After coffee, eh?


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