Working (overtime) for the Man!

Last night was one of those absolutely crazy days at work. Or, well, it wasn’t too bad at first, there was actually time for goofing off and joking around (as well as making a few copies of exam papers and stuff.. Cough!).. And then work just started pouring in like there was no tomorrow. Seriously. I’ve never seen anything like this.. My bosses (who work day shifts) went home at 1 AM and 2 AM respectively and the entire floor was more or less going crazy.

Upstairs, in the office area, Torben and I were enjoying ourselves as well. I’d made a pact with myself that since Torben has done so many nice and considerate things for me lately, I’d stay behind and help him out till things calmed down a bit.. Which turned out to be an interesting decision because things really only started to get crazy busy at around 0:30 AM which is around the time that I usually start quieting down and getting ready to leave, but not so last night. So while I had ample time to sit around and regret my decision, I’m pretty sure Torben was pretty happy with it.

It was a record breaking night in many ways in that between the two of us we probably processed about 3000 shipments, most of those in the cause of two hours.. My average for a busy night is 1200-1400 during a four hour shift.. So, yeah, things were hectic, tempers were flaring, interesting spelling mistakes were made and instantly corrected and not a hell of a lot of fun was had by all. To make things even more interesting, I’d forgotten to pack food for the shift.. And I’m the kinda guy that usually eats every three hours and gets insanely hungry and moody if he somehow misses a scheduled meal.. So those who know me can probably testify how impossible I must have been after a six hour busy shift without food. In short, it sucked.

At a little past 2:30 AM, things finally calmed down and I managed to get to the bottom of the pile of waiting shipments, do my last bits and pieces of paperwork and finally be out the door by 2:45 AM. Ahead of me, then, was a long walk home which was strangely enough made in record time, meaning that I finally managed to get home and get my hands on some food by 4 AM in the morning, leaving me just a little more happy and content that I had been 8 odd hours. It was an absolutely crazy night, but I’m pretty sure I scored pretty well on the karma scale and hey, I make about DKK 90/hr after taxes, so the money was pretty good, too, I’m sure.. All in a night’s work!

I sure hope things are a little less crazy tonight, though. I could do with being well rested for a the weekend of mayhem ahead of us!


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