Back in the saddle, more or less..

Whew.. That was tough.. I had an amazing weekend with Tina, Dunkel and our visiting friend Christian from Copenhagen.. I also had a Sunday of extreme hangovers followed by a few days of fatigue and migraines. I’m not really sure what I did to deserve the latter part of these ailments, but there you go.. Lucky me!

It has set me back quite a bit from where I wanted to be, but there’s really nothing to do but to struggle on and get going. And by getting going I mean working on on my resume and some soon to be killer applications. At least I hope so. I am generally a very humble guy so I must admit I find the whole pointing out and emphasizing my good sides somewhat of a tricky challenge. It’s harder than I thought it would be but also entertaining in a strange kinda way. People who read this blog regularly will also know that keeping my utterances brief and to the point can be somewhat of a challenge for me, so the whole process of boiling everything down to a single page worth of application and a two page resume.. Well, it’s an entirely different challenge.

So is determining what I find interesting versus what other readers find interesting.. But I think I’m starting to get a hang of the process which makes me feel considerably better and more secure than I have for a while.

On top of this whole thing, there’s also the matter of formalities regarding my finishing my education, applying for unemployment benefits, finding the right union for my trade (believe it or not, in Denmark, unions are not the devil), adhering to the right set of rules, and most importantly, finding a way of supporting myself for the month or so that I will be without student loans AND unemployment benefits.

Luckily, most of these things are slowly working themselves out as well. I’ve gotten more hours at GLS and they seem keen on keeping me on board until I find something better. Which, truthfully, is a huge relief for me. It means I’ll be able to both make money AND have something to do until I find a proper job. Something I am hugely grateful for. I’m currently working about three four hour shifts a week with an average of about 2-3 hours of OT each shift, so something in the vicinity of 18-20 hours a week. It’s not much, granted, but it’s night time, the pay is good and it’s getting me by which is what is important right now.

So, that’s that part of the equation worked out. Another part of it, a part that’s still quite shaky, is my housing situation. I think I’ve mentioned that our house is supposedly going up for sale soon, and I reckon that’s still happening. I obviously still don’t know if I can stay if the sale eventually goes through, but I’m hoping so. A totally different facet to the whole housing situation (I never said my life was easy!) is the fact that I have a busted faucet that’s dripping quite heavily now as well as (on a more serious note) some apparent water damages in a few of my walls. It’s quite a mess, really, which has the house owner, Brian, and his friends and family scrambling around constantly trying to figure out what is going on and how to remedy the situation. Their efforts have so far included tearing down pieces of a wall and digging huge holes outside to see if water was seeping in from the outside, but still they’ve gotten none the wiser. My main comfort is that experts say that there are no signs of fungi or other health concerns within the walls, so I still sleep pretty soundly and safely at night.

Is that it? Yeah, I do think it is? Wow, I got pretty confused just relating the state of my current situation, no wonder I’ve been feeling a little discombobulated lately. I got this strange feeling today, though, that everything is somehow gonna be okay 🙂


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