Master, Master..

I know, I was in the middle of something, a longer tale of last weekend to be exact.. But here’s the thing.. I feel compelled to mention that I just a few hours ago received an e-mail which threw me completely off course and has had me jumping for joy ever since first reading it.

I’m apparently now officially a MASTER of Information Technology! … And apparently a good one at that!

The e-mail I received was from my mentor on the project and read something along the lines of:

Hello Johan,

I’ve spoken with the external examiner on your Master Thesis and we both agree that you’ve delivered a nice, solid effort. It has a few minor flaws, but nothing that keeps us from grading it a well-deserved 10!

You’ll receive a formal piece of paper in a few days containing our official assessment of your work, but as of right now feel free to pop open a beer and order a pizza 🙂

All the best,


I have a Master’s Degree.. For Real.. I can’t believe it!


2 responses to “Master, Master..

  1. Hello Johan!

    Is it Possibel for you to post your Diploma. I´m wondering how it is going to look like . Because I just started stydying the same study.

    Is It going to say Master of Science in Information Technology??

  2. Hello yourself,

    I haven’t actually received my official diploma yet, but I will try to post it once I do get it so you can have a look.

    It should arrive within a week.

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