Oh.. WOW!

This is officially a first for me.. For the first time ever, I’ll be praising Chris Cornell, a love song AND a cover in one sentence. We all probably know that I’m not usually one to get excited about cover songs. We also know that I consider Chris Cornell ever so slightly overrated. And, we most certainly know, that I’m not usually the guy to get all soft and mushy over a love song. Never the less, I have to share this song.

So, I give you: Chris Cornell doing a breathtaking cover version of what I sincerely believe to be the most beautiful and sincere love song ever written: Led Zeppelin’s Thank You.

Impressive, really..


2 responses to “Oh.. WOW!

  1. I’ll forgive you for saying Chris Cornell is over-rated because you DID go all gushy and soft over Chris’ Zep cover “Thank You”.

    Cornell made this song his own. I prefer it over the original by Led Zeppelin. (I feel a big target on my back for saying that but, ….oh well!)

  2. I’m sure some people would lash out at you 😉

    But I actually tend to agree. Chris definitely does make this song his own (as with most of his cover songs), and I, too, prefer this version to the original. A fact that’s kinda hard for me to admit as I’m a huge Zep fan.

    And I’m sorry if my views and opinions don’t always come off as overly diplomatic, I’m glad you forgive me 😉

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