Guess what *I* did last weekend?

No? Nothing? Well, I’ll tell you just what I did!

In a rather drastic move, I went from looking a little something like this:


To looking a little something like this:


“Wow, Johan,” you might be thinking, “isn’t that a little drastic?” .. And yes, dear reader, you’d be right in thinking so.. But, really, there’s some degree of reasoning behind the madness.. Or, there’s a hint of an explanation at least.

You see, some three years ago, about a month after my last haircut at that time, my friend Emelie started complaining that my hair was getting a little long and asking if I wouldn’t be needing a haircut any time soon. “In due time,” I answered the dear girl, “and I promise you then when I will in fact be needing a haircut, you’ll get to cut it whichever way you like!”

Well, as you may have been able to figure out by now. The day of my, in Emelie’s mind, much needed haircut did not, in fact, arrive any time soon.. In fact, it took me a couple of years to muster the courage to let her have a go at me with her scissors. Eventually, I decided that the day of my earning my Master’s degree would be the day that the hair would finally go.. Or a day close to that anyways.

Which is why I grabbed the chance last weekend when the entire gang – Tina, Zascha, Emelie and I plus others – were gathered at Zascha’s parents’ house for an extended fun-filled weekend. I told Emelie to bring her scissors and have a go at the untamable mange my hair had become. She gladly accepted the offer and set to work according to the rules: “Do what thou willt shall be the whole of the haircut” … Err.. I mean.. “Do whatever you want with the hair..”

The result is visible above and I’m actually pretty well chuffed with it. And also having one hell of a time enjoying the reactions to my recently amputated head of hair.

The fact aside that getting a haircut has actually been a pretty traumatic positive experience, the best thing about the whole ordeal has been me actually managing to keep the whole cutting of my hair a secret and subsequently returning to Kolding, not saying a word to anyone, and just watching the reactions on the faces of others as they discovered that I had lost about a foot of hair over the course of a weekend. Reactions have ranged from absolute indifference to very posiitve indeed. From joy over shock to sheer appalled horror.

I’ve received compliments, rude remarks, jokes, begging questions and just plain weird looks. I may even have been left out of my father’s will. Here’s a short list of some of the more entertaining reactions I’ve received over the course of the last few days:

“But.. But.. YOUR HAIR!!!” – Poor, shocked, middle-aged lady at the checkout register at my local supermarket as she nearly fainted in shock.

“No.. No.. No.. No.. No longer heavy metal!!” – Said in a thick accent by a Polish worker at GLS.

“Looks great! – Miss Pakistan 2003.

“HOLY SHIT!!” – Niels, Nis, Christian and others at work.

“Oh wow.. Looks amazing.. So, your girl..thing.. Tina made you do this? Good girl!” – Lene, my former supervisor at work. (notice, by the way, Tina being referred to as a girl..thing.. It would appear that people still aren’t quite getting it :D)

“Eh.. Heh.. Heh.. Hehehe.. Heh?” – Tom, my former foreman at work.

“Wait, where’d it go?” – Tanja at work in reference to my signature ponytail.

“I thought you’d gone a little bald over the weekend” – Zascha’s grandmother.


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