I have a new title!

And it’s that of “Candidatus Informationis Technologiae (cand.it.)” !

At least, that’s what the letter I just received says.. In other words, I just received my official diploma for the completion of my Master degree. I’m sitting here with it in left hand, looking at it, feeling all sorts of weird sensations. Mainly good ones. Strange how the culmination of 21 years in the educational system can be forged into such a relatively small document and yet weigh so heavily.

Some have asked what my diploma looks like and what title I’ve been awarded. Well, I don’t have a scan, at least just yet, but the wording is pretty simple:

Johan Christian Bruhn Johansen

Cpr Nr: 290781-XXXX

has on the 25 September 2009 passed

cand.it i Webkommunikation (Danish title)

Web Communication (English Title)

and has thus been awarded the title of

Candidatus informationis technologiae (cand.it.) med linie i IT, Kommunikation og Organisation (Danish title)

Master of Science in Information Technology (English title)

It’s still quite an unreal feeling. It is all really over. It’s a good feeling, though, a somewhat uncertain one, but a good one. It’s a feeling of completion and one of a new beginning. All at once. A sort of personal rebirth and a chance to show that I can make it in the real world, come whatever may.. In the immortal words of Tommy and Dee Dee Ramone: “Hey, Ho, Let’s Go!”


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