Oh Dunkel, where art thou?

A lot of really monumental and life-changing events have happened over the course of very little time lately. Some of them expected and well-planned. Some of them less expected and not so well-planned. Into the latter category falls a sudden change of heart and a very brisk move away from Kolding by a certain young man known amongst friends simply as Dunkel.

“WHAT?” I hear one or two of you yelling. And incidentally that’s the exact same reaction I managed once I heard the news. See, it’s not like I was given any further notice than the rest of you lot.. So, over the course of a Wednesday night, I suddenly had to adjust to the fact that one of my best friends over the course of the last four or five years had picked up his things and left in a drunken panic, more or less over night.

Here.. I’ll try to explain: I pretty much knew that things hadn’t been going too well for Dunkel lately and that he was feeling less than happy about things and the way that they were working out for him.. Consequently. I actually got a little worried when suddenly I did not hear from the guy in like half a week or so.. Or well, I didn’t actually hear from him and he didn’t actually return any of my messages and calls. When I found out that people at work had not heard from him either and that he’d called in sick a few times, well.. I started to suspect that something might be up.. And something was indeed up, but not in quite the way I’d expected.

When I finally did hear from Dunkel, it was by way of a single message stating: “If I told you I was in the middle of a huge moving mess, would you be willing to trade shifts with me at work tonight?” Incidentally, this message arrived without warning right as I was in the middle of picking up an order at a local sushi place, so needless to say it left me more than a little confused. I gathered myself, grabbed my raw fish and set out the door, phone in hand, as my finger pushed the dial button on Dunkel’s number.

The resulting phone conversation didn’t leave me much the wiser. I got a hold of a grinning Dunkel who very matter of factly proclaimed that he’d spent the last couple of days moving half way across the country to move in with his girlfriend of a couple of years now. When pressed for details and reasoning, he stated very little and was only willing to offer an apology for not informing me based on the fact that he was drunk when it happened. As improbable as this may sound, it’s actually pretty standard logic on Dunkel’s behalf in some situations, so I didn’t really press him further on the matter as I could hear that I wasn’t really going to get more info out of him. Thus, I concluded that at least he sounded happy and I’d probably get a more detailed explanation at some other time. I then hung up and subsequently called Tina to tell her our friend had moved, offering her all the facts that I knew, knowing that this way I at least wasn’t going to be the only one to spent the rest of the day in a boggled state of confusion about the matter.

It’s been two weeks or so now since the move and I’m not sure how much wiser I am on the whole issue. I’ve gotten so far as to understand that Dunkel wasn’t feeling well and needed a change of climate and perspective. In his relatively impulsive mind, that apparently translates to picking up his tent and moving half way across country to live with his girlfriend. Whatever his reasoning, I can tell that he’s sounding and looking a lot happier now so it probably was all for the better.. Even if I’ll miss having the weirdo around.

I took some time out of the calendar today to go down to his old apartment and help him move some of his last items, including his grotesquely large fish tank, and to see with my own eyes that he was actually doing well which seemed to be the case. I don’t know about you guys, but to me there’s always a sort of somber feeling involved with helping friends move away. Especially when it’s people you’ve know well and have spent a lot of time with. In my case, I’ve probably split my time pretty evenly between my own apartment and those of Tina and Dunkel.. Which is to say that we were clearing out a place where I’ve spent like 1/3 of the last four years and now won’t be spending any more time at on account of it being all empty-like and Dunkel not living there anymore.. I dunno, it just gives me a weird feeling. Thinking about the good times had, the silly things done, and I’m starting to sound more and more like a sensitive old sod.

So, anyways, somber times, but still good times, Dunkel looks well, and I’m still not sure what the hell is going on, but we did get most of his stuff out save a bed and another few items and he now seems ready to move on and make a new life for himself and his girlfriend. An endeavor in which I wish him well. And I hope I can still visit and crash on the couch over there or something coz I do believe we still have a few beers to be had and a few laughs to share.

I’ll miss you, my brother in fuld! \m/


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