Can’t ever do anything right..

Not even get sick properly.. Huh? What?

Yea, in case you’re wondering, I’m apparently sick again.. But not like really sick.. Just.. The average Johan kind of sickness. Which involves being sick enough to feel generally crappy, fatigued and miserable.. But not really sick enough to be properly knocked out and just ride off the storm for a few days.

As a result, I keep telling myself that I can keep up at least some of my daily chores including going to work.. And I do manage to get things done. Just in a much harder and slower way than usually.  Well, I manage to get SOME things done, mainly work. The days, in turn are spent sprawled out on the couch, recovering and resting, not really getting anything done around the house.

Strange as it sounds, I wish I’d just get really sick for a few days, be completely floored and get it out of the system in a matter of days. It somehow seems better than the deal I’m currently getting where I’ve been feeling slightly queasy for almost a week now.. Blah, careful what you wish for, I guess.

I apologize for the short post, but I’m off to make some more chicken noodle soup with borderline insane amounts of chili and garlic as garnish. It seems to be my best weapon against whatever it is that ails me at the time being.


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