Weekend update, Part 1: Sometimes, you just feel like an idiot..

Take this Friday, for example, where I traded a nice warm apartment, beers, good times and the company of two lovely blondes for a brisk walk through wind and rain all for the love of getting to work and spending four hours staring blankly at a computer monitor.. Wait, I probably should clarify that a little more.

See, like I said, I’ve started feeling a hell of a lot better after taking a day off on Thursday. So much better, in fact, that I quickly decided to go back to work on Friday. Not so much because I wanted to, but more because I needed the money and I wasn’t sure how much work we’d have laying around for the night. Anyways, I’d also promised Tina to pop by her place with a few things for her on my way to work and so when I finally pulled myself together and left for work at around 7 PM, it wasn’t before first making a brief stop at Tina’s to drop off some goods. As my general luck would have it, Tina and her friend Daphne were right in the middle of setting up for a party later that night once I arrived. So I was greeted by the sight of two lovely blondes sitting about, drinking a few beers and having a damn good time.. Which, in case you were wondering, is not really the first thing you want to see on your way to work on a Friday night.. It somehow makes you feel that your plans for the hours ahead are somehow.. Wrong..

The concept of sitting down for a minute, having a small sip of Tina’s beer and catching up ever so slightly.. and then getting right back up, donning your layers of insulating clothing and heading back out into the general mess of Danish fall weather in order to embark on a one hour walk to work.. Is just somehow wrong, and I will tell you right now that I, admittedly, in many ways felt like an idiot for doing it.. Especially after I finally did complete the journey through wind and rain and got into work and my co-worker, Torben, hears the story, takes one look at me and goes: “You did what? You chose what?! Are you fucking insane!!?!” – And this from the guy who I went through all this trouble and emotional pain to help out.. So much for trying to be a nice guy. I guess next time I’ll know better.

All things considered, work wasn’t too bad. Not only was it Friday, but I’d also told the others that the girls would be more than happy to see me back at their party after work, so in true “help a brother out” fashion, everything was being done by everybody to get us done and out the door as quickly as possible.. Gotta hand it to my colleagues in that aspect, you mention something about cute girl(s) waiting for you and they’ll have you out the door as quickly as possible.. Which is, of course, a fact I don’t take advantage off.. Too often.

But, anyways, so yes, after a quick effort, Torben and I were out the door by about 0:50 AM, and since I kinda wanted to go back and see what Tina and Daphne’s party was all about, I was even lucky enough to grab a ride with Torben who lived in the vicinity of Tina’s.. So it was not long after 1 AM (which is usually the earliest I can expect to be off on any given night) that I snuck in the main door at the apartment complex Tina lives in and got ready to crash the party in style. Or as much style as I could possibly muster after a long work week, a late night at work and the remainder of various bugs and viruses still escaping my system.

There’s always a certain bit of weirdness and entertainment value involved with crashing a party that’s been going for a good four or five hours. Simply on account of you being sober and others being, well, not so sober. The crowd that we hang with is usually a pretty happy and friendly one. And apparently even more so when drunk. So once I forced through Tina’s door and stumbled over a bit of garbage and some empty beer cans, I was met by yells from the boys, squeals from the ladies, high fives, hugs and what have you. Before I knew of it.. Or had even sat down or taken my several lays of protective clothing off, I’d even had a shot thrust into both hands and was commanded to drink.. In such a situation, there was really only one thing to do, so I down the two shots before moving on to give a very enthusiastic Katrine a big hug, thinking that my plan of having only two drinks that evening was certainly working well so far.

The craziness spawned by my arrival eventually died down only to be replaced by more insanity and rowdiness most of which I didn’t quite understand due to my late arrival and soberness. So while the room erupted, I snuck off, grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed out into the hallway to chat a bit with Jesper, Katrine and one of her friends. It was all pretty good times and after having nursed my beer for a while, I actually felt up for facing the party and as such made my way back inside to size it all up. I happened to have plans for the morning – namely going to visit my dad and his family in Nyborg, so I had a pretty well-laid out plan for the night to only have a few drinks and go home early. As a result, I was a bit behind everybody else that evening, but that was okay seeing as I was for once really keen on keeping this promise to myself.. And if I weren’t, Tina was keen on keeping the promise for me.. I gotta hand it to her, even when she’s drunk, she’s a sweetie, walking up to me every twenty minutes or so, putting an arm on my shoulder and demanding to know my status and whether or not I knew what time it was and if I was aware how much I’d been drinking. She even threatened to kick me out a few times, but we eventually reached an agreement which stated that I could stay as long as I liked, as long as I drank with strong moderation which was cool with me. So I ended up staying for about three hours, watching the craziness, taking part in the craziness, carrying out strange conversations and breaking a chair or two.. Or, well, I didn’t exactly break anything. All I know is suddenly I had a couple of girls on my lap and there was a broken chair on the floor beside me. I didn’t really stop to ask questions, nor did I care to.

All in all, it was a good old time, and I wish I could’ve taken part all night, but such is the way of the working class and I did have several big plans for the day ahead, so I stuck to my three hours or so of fun before I eventually headed off along with Katrine and her friend at about 4 AM, walking them back through town and then heading home myself to eat a late night snack, drink one last drink and then turning in at about 5 AM for what turned out to be exactly three hours of sleep before being woken by a barrage of text messages at 8 AM the next morning.. But that’s another story..


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