Big day tomorrow!

I feel like I hardly ever update this blog anymore, which is probably a lie.. But still, I know I haven’t been as active as usual. But then, life has been keeping me pretty busy..

Wow, life.. Life suddenly just got very real for me. After struggling through five years of university and a MA thesis, I finally have a job interview tomorrow! As a community and customer service representative at a local expanding internet startup. I’m beyond excited as the job appears to involve large parts of web based communication and focus on Web 2.0 and various emerging and booming web technologies. Basically the exact same thing that the last two years of my life have revolved around.

I’m really proud that my application seems to have peaked their interested and am so stoked to hear more about it all tomorrow. As for right now, I’m really busy prepping for the interview and getting the relevant papers (and myself) all sorted out for the big day. It’s been a while since I’ve had a real job interview, so I’m also slightly nervous, but I have a good feeling about it and am ready to give it my best. Wish me luck!


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