By popular demand..

I’m back! Back in a bloggin’ groove! (For those already staring in bewilderment, that was a very old, very vague KISS reference)

It’s been a while, eh? Actually, it’s been longer than ever, I do think.. And I’m sorry, real life, real stuff and real thoughts and feelings sorta took over for a while there.. But owing to increasing demand, frequently repeated requests, my own need to spew out random rants and slurs of profanity every now and then, and last, but certainly not least, my complete utter inability to look a blonde in the eyes and tell her no: I’m bringing weirdness back to the blogging world!

So, my trusty followers, it has been a while, I hope you’re all still more or less here and are doing well. I myself have been reasonably well, hella busy and quite about. In the weeks that have passed, I’ve:

– Learned to laugh in the face of rejection (I didn’t get the job I really wanted, despite them really liking me, they went with someone with more experience)

– Bumped heads and knuckles with rock stars (Tina and I saw Shadows Fall and Five Finger Death Punch live)

– Realized I hate when celebrity chef Alton Brown is right (Coffee does taste better with a pinch of salt and chili con carne does need a splash of supermarket salsa)

– Figured out that I CAN in fact produce a five course dinner with wine pairings that make my awestruck dinner guest state that life probably could not get much better than this.

– Had an epiphany at 4 AM on a Tuesday morning which involved a single glass, a single ice cube and a single shot of Russian Premium vodka.

– Taken on the swine flu and lived to tell the tale.. And all I got to show for it was a lousy stack of extra paper work at work!

– Learned that Steel Panther is the funniest thing to happen to metal since Tenacious D.

– .. Oh and I’ve gotten some applications out as well!

One or more of the above will more than likely turn into stories in the near future, as for right now, I’m off to send another application and continue on the quest towards landing a job.


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