The above, in case you may be wondering, is short for “What Would You Do On A Rainy Wednesday Morning?” My answer to the above question has turned out to be something along the lines of: “Why don’t I get up three hours earlier than normal and go blow about DKK 4,500 on clothes and shoes?”

Right? Yeah, granted, that doesn’t sound very much like your usual Johan-like behavior.. And it’s probably not, but when you haven’t really shopped for clothes other than the odd band shirt and pair of jeans for the last couple of years, and a local store goes out of business.. Well, what better excuse do you need to go crazy?

Of course, me being the kinda guy that I am, I still haven’t quite gotten into the power shopping habit, so a bit of help was called for.. And, as with so many other of life’s bigger or smaller problems, I turned to my beautiful and trusty sidekick Tina for help. A lot of guys would probably frown upon the idea of having to go shopping with a girl, but I happen to have spotted quite a few advantages. For starters, the girl has taste, she’s quick at picking things out, she knows what fits and what doesn’t.. (Come to think of it, why isn’t she making money working at a clothing store?) And, far more importantly (and surprisingly), shopping with her is a TON of fun.. There, I said it, I know it sounds weird, but I just gone said it.

I know what you’re saying? How can shopping.. With a girl.. Possibly be any fun? Well, probably because for starters we really don’t take anything too serious when shopping together. We’ll look for any excuse to go at each other’s throats and launch into long extend arguments about anything or nothing in particular, we’ll bitch, we’ll gripe, we’ll moan and grab any excuse to offend or scold each other, while still taking the time out for the odd sweet comment or sincere compliment and suggestion.. Basically we’re the old married couple that never were a couple.. Or old for that matter.. And we’ll still feign shock and surprise when people draw the somewhat understandable conclusion that we are, in fact, a couple. It’s led to some pretty funny incidents over the years and left many a frustrated or bewildered store clerk in our wake.. Like the poor, little lady who nearly had a nervous breakdown when she thought our shopping for a new coffee maker for me was turning into a marital crisis.

Anyways, for these very reasons, I’d hooked up with Tina for this Wednesday’s spending spree and since Tina preferred meeting up in the AM, I cut her some slack and agreed to meet up at 10 AM when she just happened to be downtown on other adventures as well. Not so much because I enjoyed going to bed at 4 AM and getting up at 9, but rather because it fit both of us (sorta) and at least that way I’d have the chance to get out of the day for a change.

So, at the ripe, ungodly hour of 10 AM, Tina and I found ourselves knocking on the door of a downtown Men’s clothing store, very appropriately named “MEN”. The store manager greeted us with a smile of the “Oh, good, you again” variety as we trickled in and started searching about. Main priority was to get a new suit for me, a process which was made inherently complicated by the fact that neither of us knew anything about sizes and shapes and both of us were suffering from caffeine withdrawals (i.e. no morning coffee). We eventually enlisted the help of the store manager who not only found a suit with a nice fit and the proper size, but, on my request, also provided Tina with a cup of coffee to pick her up.. And pick her up it certainly did.

I’m actually not entirely sure what happened, but we went from all being rather slumped over the counter and un-energetic to Tina chasing about the entire store, pulling everything out, gazing it over and going “this one, this one, this.. and this one..” – highly strange, highly effective and highly damaging to my bank account.. Fast forward about an hour and I’m DKK 4,500 poorer, but up a new suit, two pair of shoes, a hoodie shirt, a few t-shirts, shirts, gloves, socks.. And other stuff as well! Ouch!

We ended up leaving the store at about 11:30, considerably weighed down by my purchases and entering into a sudden, but predictable, November shower, through which we moved as quickly as possible down to Tina’s where I’m now stuck sipping coffee, listening to Nick Cave, updating the old blog and trying to find some job openings to apply for.. Currently reeling quite a lot and think I might have to head home and catch a bit of shut eye before work tonight..

Yup, still not digging working nights, but as always, it’s better than nothing.. And I had a long positive day for a change.. Yay!


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