Blinded By The Light

So here’s the problem with having worked almost ten years in the logistics and transport industry: you get to know a lot of truckers.. Okay, that isn’t in itself a problem, but stay with me as I explain to you how getting to know people might end up causing you serious discomfort and possibly lasting sensory defects..

Thing is, working with representatives of many of Denmark’s largest trucking companies for years, you can’t help but get to know a lot of fine, trucking people. Such people, contrary to what you might think, are actually pretty nice people and they tend to remember a happy face and be happy to see it again, and as such want to extend a handshake or a greeting.. Now, the thing with people who spend most of their day behind a wheel of a larger vehicle is that you don’t usually get to bump heads with them downtown, at the theatre, in church or even at work. More often than not you will, not figuratively mind you, run into them when they’re at work – behind the wheel.

The problem then becomes that it’s kinda hard to extend a handshake from behind the wheel of a moving truck, so their solution for extending a greeting will usually be to either toot their horn at you, or more commonly, to flash their high beams your way.. Again, a friendly gesture.. Was it not for the fact that trucks are fucking huge things and boast horns that can be heard from miles away.. And enough lights to safely light the way for a Boeing 747 looking to make an emergency landing.. So this small, friendly gesture can pretty quickly warp into a pretty overwhelming sensory experience.

See where I’m going with this? Let’s add up: I know a lot of truckers, a lot of truckers are active at night, I work nights and have to make my way home at night five days a week, you can run into a LOT of friendly truckers on a 70 minute walk home, and they all usually want to say hello – either by tooting their horn or flashing their high beams at you.. The result? I usually arrive home at the end of the week feeling overly loved and appreciated.. And legally blind, deaf and dumb from all the honking, flashing and startling going on..

I sure do appreciate the greetings and well wishes, though. Nobody said that being popular had to be easy..


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