How NOT to prepare for a rock show

Friday November 13, 2009 was a day I’d been looking forward to for months and months in advance. It would be the day where I (along with my partner in crime, Tina, naturally) would finally get to experience one of my favorite, if not my favorite, up and coming metal bands – Five Finger Death Punch – live on stage in a rather intimate setting in nearby Aarhus, Denmark.

Now, there are a lot of different ways of preparing for a much anticipated concert experience. Coming down with a case of the H1N1 (aka Swine Flu) is NOT one of them. Which is why I, as I think you can imagine, got more than a little worried and pissed on the evening of Tuesday 10 November when I was sitting at work and suddenly started feeling heavy headed, queasy, sore throated and dizzy. Long uneventful story short, I went home, crashed on the couch which right now doubles on my bed and stayed there for a solid 60 hours straight, during which the flu hit full force and started a battle of wits and determination with my bodily defense systems.

I wouldn’t say that the whole H1N1 experience was that tough on me physically, I was mainly just tired, heavy headed and completely drained of energy. What was probably worst was the whole mental aspect of not knowing whether I’d be up and about on Friday or whether I’d have to call Tina and tell her that I’d have to cancel the date we’d so been looking forward to. Luckily, as it turns out I needn’t have worried as my determination to rock helped my immune system beat the last remaining germs and so, on Friday morning, I finally emerged from bed, nice healthy, well rested (after having slept most of two and a half days away), and ready to rock!

This fact seemed to really please the Tina as she herself hadn’t really know whether to get excited about the show or whether to fear that the entire ordeal would be canceled. Now that we knew it was on, we spent the morning (which is to say the early afternoon as morning to me is now generally somewhere in the 11 AM – 12 Noon area) making the final plans and arrangements for the day. Our plan ended up being reasonably simple. We’d meet up at Tina’s at around 3 PM, hang out a bit while she more than likely got the last few things done, walk down to the train station, catch the 4:20 PM train towards Aarhus and spend the one and a half hour train ride drinking a few beers. Then find something to eat, hang out a bit, go to the venue, get in and rock out.. Pretty simple, really..

And, of course, it turned out reasonably more complicated than that. For starters, I kicked things off being late to get out the door, when I finally did make it out and a few minutes down the road, I had to turn back as I realized that I’d gone off WITH my glasses on but WITHOUT my ear plugs in my pocket. Which, in the case of a hardcore metal show, is not the way you want to go, doubling back, returning on my way and sprinting a bit now, I made it down to Tina’s only fashionably late.. Only to realize that she, naturally, wasn’t ready either.. See, Tina was in the process of giving herself a decidedly more “metal”-like look for the occasion.. Ahem, yes, granted, a metal-like look isn’t really something you’d expect from a pretty, little, blue-eyed, innocent looking platinum blonde girl.. But as with so many other things in life, Tina went at it full force with loads of determination.. And a rather alternative approach.. Which, as with so many other things she does, you wouldn’t really expect to work.. Yet somehow it does.

So, when I found Tina, she was in the bathroom, applying her 20th layer or so of mascara to finish a prominently dark and smokey eye-makeup scheme which she claimed to be very metal and fitting for the occasion. I’m not quite sure I quite followed her, but I deducted that she looked great as always only with considerably darker (and albeit slightly scarier and more overwhelming) eye-makeup, so I didn’t argue. Having finished that, my wonderful and slightly deranged sidekick then launched into what must probably be the first ever heavy metal related clothing crisis in recorded history.. Yes, dear reader, I didn’t think that would be possible either. But apparently there was a lot of confusion as to whether the outfit of the evening should be all black, as pink a possible or a combination of both.. And what, pray tell, f’ing shoes should the poor girl wear?

I mean.. Honestly, babe, you know I love you.. But sometimes, just sometimes, I think you may be part of the reason why I’m losing my hair 😉

After many considerations, a fair bit of teasing on my behalf and a lot of chasing about the house, trying various things on Tina’s behalf, we finally settled on a suitable outfit of black and pink. After I convinced Tina that heels probably weren’t the most suitable choice in a mosh-pit, we even decided on a plair of flat, pink (of course) Converse shoes.. And were about ready to head out the door.. Which was good considering we were now running so late that we pretty much had to head out the door in order to catch our train and such things.

Walking to the train, we chatted merrily, an activity we kept up through the ticket purchase process and subsequent wait for the train to arrive. We even kept up our conversation on the train, only this time with the added benefit of a couple of cold beers to keep us company.

The first leg of our journey ended in Fredericia, a near-by small town and major train hub where we changed trains and boarded an Intercity Express train for Aarhus. A very packed Intercity Express Train to boot. As such, we spent the first part of the journey standing up which left me more than a little queasy as I was standing right in the connecting joint between two train carts, so I was pretty happy when eventually Tina spotted a place for us to sit down for the remainder of the journey. The remainder of the train journey went without any major discomfort if you disregard the fact that I had to pee for most of the way.

We eventually arrived in Aarhus with a few hours to kill and since it was a pretty rainy, cold Friday evening, most of this time was killed in a major shopping mall located conveniently adjacent to the main train station. Here we spent a lot of time gazing at things that Tina really wanted but that she, thank God, couldn’t purchase as we were going to a rock show and had no way of bringing our things. As curtain call time grew closer, we eventually made our way from the comfort of the brightly lit, air conditioned shopping mall into the cold, rainy Aarhus night and, by way of a local Burger King, made our way towards the venue for the show..

And this is where things really started getting interesting..


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