Of vices and virtues, rejections and taboos

Yesterday was in many aspects a pretty interesting day. It pretty much goes without saying that the only day where I really wanna go home from work nice and early is the day where I fuck everything up and end up working nearly three hours of OT before finally catching a ride home at 3:30 AM. Now, that’s all fair and square, I guess, it was partially my own fault, after all.. Anyways, when I then get home and find an email in my inbox thanking me for my interest in the position of marketing assistant for Sunset Boulevard but, regretfully, informing me that they’ve chosen to proceed with a couple of better qualified applicants.. You’d think I’d get a little upset.

Well, granted, I was a little disappointed and confused, but on the other hand, I decided not to let such matters ruin an otherwise good day.. See, aside from the three hours of OT and the unexpected letter of thanks but no thanks, it had been a pretty good day.. And it all started with giving Tina a crash course in Japanese pornography..

Wait, that sounded a little more wrong than necessary! See, what really happened is that I was spending the day with Tina, doing a bit of work, hanging out, having fun, that kinda thing.. Like in the good, old days, and pretty early after my arrival, I noticed a bunch of Japanese anime DVDs she’d borrowed from someone. This, of course, spawned a discussion about her sudden apparent interest in the matter of Japanese animation and our general feeling about the subject. When prompted about my opinion, I said something along the lines of “Well, it’s pretty weird.. I like some of it.. And no, before you ask, not the pornographic variety!” which prompted a (rare) sincerely innocent reaction from Tina who turned and posed the wide-eyed question: “There’s pornographic anime?”.

“Oh yeah,” I replied, not really thinking too much about where my trail of thought was going, “there’s this whole sub-genre called hentai which spans the more sexually explicit spectrum of Japanese animation, it’s pretty messed up..” and then, as it so often happens, I got carried away explaining something.. Only this time, the thing I got carried away explaining was the shadow side of Japanese society and how sex and especially sexually explicit acts are a great taboo over there and how live image pornographic material is usually heavily censored, causing creators of pornographic material to turn to animation to get their fantasies out. Fantasies who are, usually pretty, heavily oppressed owing to the whole censorship thing and thus also usually pretty sick and twisted and involves beastiality, tentacles and other fancy stuff..

It was about at this point in the conversation that I looked up and saw the little blonde listening to my explanation with great interested and started wondering about how I’d gotten from being generally shy around women to pouring out my knowledge on this particular subject to a prominent  member of the species, and how Tina and I had gotten from barely knowing each other to a point where we could talk about and discuss everything, even current trends in far east pornography. I even chuckled a little at the fact that Tina seems to have set her mind on the opinion that I just know a little something about everything and as such wasn’t even asking how the hell I knew these things.. Not really finding answers to my questions, I went on with my explanation.

“In conclusion,” I eventually finished, “the Japanese are a pretty messed up and backwards people, but I suppose that could be expected from a country where even saws work backwards..” – and then the interruption finally came: “Wait what?!” – I then patiently went on to explain to my little, blonde friend, the difference between Japanese saws and their western counterparts, to which she just smiled and shook her head, remarking: “You’re really something, you know?” and then finally adding: “How do you know these things??” – “I’m curious,” I replied, and Tina once again just smiled and shook her head, which I took to mean: “You’re crazy is what you are..”

Having spent the late morning learning about the Japanese and pornography, the rest of the day went on in a more normal manner.. As normal as it gets for Tina and I, anyways.. There was talking, laughing, there was rock music and fighting, there were smiles and insults, laughs and rude remarks, there was a cup of coffee had and a visit from our mutual good friend, Tine, who’d brought buns for all which were thoroughly enjoyed. I even made the girls another cup of coffee to go with the buns, and was quickly asked by Tine if I didn’t want a cup as well. When I replied with a thanks but no thanks, I’m not supposed to have any more coffee before work, she first stared at me in shock, and then her gaze flew directly to Tina in a “is this YOUR doing?” kinda manner.. Which, of course, made both Tina and I laugh because everybody knows I’ve been drinking far too much coffee for far too many years and that Tina has been pointing this out for at least the last three years.. So giving our acting more and more like an old married couple, it would’ve made sense if she’d had something to do with it all.

Tina, however could only laugh and shake her head and go “no, this is all his own doing..” which I was pretty happy to confirm.. Coz, see, I really have been drinking too much coffee, and I was kinda sick and tired of going through caffeine withdrawals of the shaking and having a constant headache like varieties.. It got me feeling like too much of a junkie, really.. So I decided to cut my consumption down to one cup to start the day and one or two cups at work, with a max of three if I’m working really late. I’ve been doing that for two weeks now and I’m happy to report that it works and that I can now actually get up in the morning and do things and not feel completely miserable about it .. Without having had a cup or two of coffee first! Which, sad as it may seem, is actually something I haven’t really been able to do for years.. So that’s good, I’m enjoying that. And I also thoroughly enjoyed my company that afternoon and evening, thank you very much.

I eventually send the girls off to do some yoga and while they were gone, played the “throw together whatever’s in Tina’s fridge, freezer and pantry, and call it dinner” game with myself which means that by the time Tina returned, I’d thrown together some form of meat sauce consisting of bacon, ground beef, mushrooms, onion, garlic, chili, some read wine and a bit tomato.. Served over whole grain pasta, it was actually quite good.

Having eaten and talked a bit more, Tina then took me to work where I settled in for a nice 7 hrs shift of fucking about and messing up which, as I mentioned, ended at 3:30 AM this morning, and I guess that brings us full circle on another busy day in Johan-land.


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