It’s the most busiest time of the year

I don’t know why it comes as a surprise to me every year, but apparently the month of December is a busy one within the shipping industry.. Because of, well, the whole Christmas thing, I guess. You’d think that with all this talk about global financial crisis and what have you that people would order fewer things for Christmas. But somehow that doesn’t seem to be the case.

For someone who’s contractually obligated to work 9 PM – 1 AM, I seem to have put in a lot of hours lately, working from 8:30 and onwards, usually until somewhere between 2 and 3:30 AM. This morning, we weren’t even done until 4:30.. Which turned out to be stretching things a little, especially seeing as neither my colleague Torben nor myself had really slept any mentionable amount of time since noon Monday.. Which meant that things started getting really interesting once time crawled past 2:30 AM or so and general fatigue set in.

I mean, once you start hallucinating and seeing shadows and stuff creeping around your peripheral vision, you know things are getting pretty bad. When you think to yourself “I know it’s 3 AM, but I just spent two full minutes trying to figure out what day it is”, you know that sleep deprivation is setting in.. And when, finally, you go from a point where the jokes you are cracking to stay awake go from being funny, over a questionable character, through downright lame and unfunny, to once again being funny in a downright lame and unfunny manner.. Well, then you know it’s about time to go home!

Which is the conclusion we drew at 4:30 AM this morning – after which we gave two fucks about the last bit of archiving and paper work that needed doing, jumped in the car and drove home.. Which means I should probably go in a little early today and get that done..

Hey, at least the money’s good.. With overtime, X-mas bonus and all, I should be getting a ridiculously good pay check around New Year.. At least ridiculously good for someone who went from a student loan to making his own money to working OT while making his own money..

I am, however, starting to look forward to the morning of the 24th and the two days of forced vacation it brings. A long weekend sounds good right about now.


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