“There’s a time for everything” – Best move ever! – Part 2

.. While walking through town, Tina and I chatted pretty merrily about this and that and nothing in particular. About good times had and good times still to be had, and about good food to be had as well. At some point I even tried to stop and gaze at a few windows.. At which point a couple of little gloved hands grabbed my arm and gently but very convincingly pulled me onwards while Tina patiently and lovingly explained that there most certainly was a time for everything but that the time for gazing at windows most regrettably didn’t coincide with the time for walking through town with little girls in short skirts and stockings. Though disappointed with not getting a second look at the single malt of the month, I could see where she was coming from, so we hurried on to seek out the comfort and warmth of my home.

Through a pretty simple process of continuously putting one leg in front of the other at considerable speed, we pretty quickly made it back to my place, stopping only once on the way to dispose of our empty beer cans. Once arrived, Tina wanted only two things – one was for me to get started on heating our dinner for the evening – Chili Con Carne as it was – the other was to borrow my computer to read my latest blog post about the need for a little pink in metal. What with Tina being one of my biggest fans, I couldn’t really tell her no and I let her have the computer while I started cooking rice amidst little giggles and fits of laughter from Tina.

She eventually returned to the kitchen, still laughing and complimenting me on my writing, but did manage to pull herself together enough to help mash a bunch of avocados into homemade guacamole, effectively completing the rest of the cooking process and allowing me to serve up dinner – something that pleased both of us as we were pretty much starving by this time. So I handed Tina a bottle of Corona and a pot if rice and told her to get ready to eat.. I forgot her reply, but if I’m not very much mistaking, it was something along the lines of “yay!”

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but there’s just something strangely rewarding about cooking for Tina.. She really has to be the most grateful eater I’ve ever encountered. I mean, you can cook her an ordinary weeknight meal and she’ll be the happiest little camper ever, or you can cook her something a little more complicated and better, and she’ll just sota.. Well, it’s hard to explain but she kinda gets a little beside herself in food-related ecstasy. It’s kinda hard to explain but it’s an absolutely fascinating and rewarding experience. .

It’s been a while since I last cooked for Tina and I’m guessing she’s been suffering a bit from slow food withdrawals. At any rate, the first words out of her mouth when she tasted my chili were something along the lines of “Mmm.. Oh… Wow.. Yum.. Wow.. Oh.. Mmmmm..” – which is her way of saying that she damn well likes what she’s having. I’m currently working in a grading scale for my cooking based on the incoherent happy little nothings Tina utter when eating it, but it’s not quite done yet, but I know for a fact that  “Mmm.. Oh… Wow.. Yum.. Wow.. Oh.. Mmmmm..” is her strongest reaction yet and as such must translate into something along the lines of “Very good job, six solid stars!”

Another way of knowing just how much Tina appreciates what you’re serving her is to play close attention to the coherency of the statements she produce once she regains proper use of her voice.. This time around, the first complete sentence out of her mouth was something along the lines of “You know why I love this dish so much? It’s because you’re the only person in the world who knows how to make it.. I mean.. Right.. I mean.. In my world.. I.. Well, you know what I mean.” – To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t too sure I understood what she meant, but I stole a page from her book and just smiled and nodded and took it to mean that she was enjoying what I’d made for her. Which was awesome because the only thing I love more than to cook is to see people enjoying what I cook for them.

And enjoy she did.. Or we did.. Maybe a little too much, but hey, it’d been a long day of packing stuff and what not, we deserved a little time off, a few Coronas, a little too much chili con carne.. And a rock show! The latter came in the shape of Rammstein’s “Völkerball” DVD watched in preparation for next weeks Rammstein show, along with more Coronas and a good deal of fun and games. It was eventually followed by another Rammstein live show in the shape of Live Aus Berlin which went down pretty well along with another beer, a plate of nachos with homemade salsa and guac and a couple of Margaritas. The nachos, as always, were a huge hit with Tina, as were the Margarita which she described as almost as good as my Mojito.. But only almost as good.. Which I took as more backup to my claim that the Margarita, like the Mojito, is a horribly mistreated and misunderstood drink which, when prepared properly is actually one of the best things in the world.

.. And one of the more intoxicating drinks in the history of mixology. Which probably goes to explain why I started feeling ever so slightly tipsy after three Coronas, a couple of other beers and a healthy Margarita. Incidentally after this onslaught of rock n roll and Tex Mex culture, it was also getting rather late and since both of us had to get up early the next morning, it was decided that maybe it was about time I walk Tina back to her old apartment one last time. So at around 1 AM on Saturday morning, we embarked, as we’d done countless times before, from my apartment and trotted down to Tina’s place, chatting happily and wearily on the way. Once there, we hugged and I left her to sleep one last time at her old place while silently trotting back home myself.

Once home, I took about half a gaze at the mess we’d made with pots and pans, plates and dishes, beer bottles and all, though “fuck it all” and went straight to bed in order to catch about five hours of shut eye before getting up to have lunch with my mom’s family before joining the others for part three of the big move..


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