“Devilspawn!” – Best Move Ever! – Part 3

I wasn’t about to spend all of my Sunday helping Tina move.. Well, that’s to say that I would, of course, have loved to do so, but long before Tina decided that she wanted to spend the day moving, I in turn decided that I’d spend the day having lunch with my mum’s family. I wasn’t about to let Tina down either, of course, so I’d arranged with her that I’d show up at her new apartment and lend a helping hand as soon as I was done with the family thing.. And this turned out to be a pretty sweet deal for me.

Coz, see, by the time I was done with my strange, little family thing and had gotten my ass down to Tina’s new place, the whole moving and unpacking process was more or less over.. So I arrived to find Tina buzzing around her new bedroom while her mom was doing god knows what in the hallway and her dad was busying himself cussing and playing handyman in the living room.. Right about now would be a good time to once again mention that the last time I saw Tina’s dear mother, I actually managed to hit her not once, but twice, by sheer accident.. An accidents involving alcohol and some pretty eager gesticulations in an effort to get a point through.. I of course never meant to do this, I just sorta wasn’t looking and managed to nail her first in the stomach, then in the throat.. Good show!

Of course I didn’t mean to, and she knows and understands that and I’m sure she still thinks dearly of me, but either way, I came bearing apologetic gifts in the shape of chocolates.. Something that I understand women like, and Tina’s mother was apparently no exception. As a matter of fact, she liked them so much that she padded me lovingly on the arm and went “You know what, Johan? You can hit me any day of the week, as long as I get chocolates afterwards!”

Knowing fully well that differential treatment of women within the same family is a sure way to get your ass in trouble, I’d also brought a box of chocolates for Tina which I presented her along with a hug.. Which was so rudely interrupted as Tina’s dad came crashing into the hallway, bellowing something along the lines of “You there.. Spawn of the Devil.. What the hell are you doing here? I thought we’d gotten rid of you!” – “That means daddy likes you,” Tina translated in a whisper while I nodded and fired back with several equally insulting remarks and a bear hug for good measure, a gesture that had most of the family laughing.

Having thusly met the last remaining parts of the moving team, I was treated to a tour of the new place as well as a cup of coffee which Tina wordlessly thrust into my hands during the tour – sometimes we know each other a little too well. The place looked awesome and I was really impressed that everything was already set up and that Tina and her mom were now just sorta wandering about putting little girl-like things like candles and various fluffy things into places while Tina’s dad busied himself cussing, complaining and doing some handy work. I joined in wherever I could and offered whatever input I could – most of which amounted to trying to explain to Tina’s mother why it had been necessary to keep and move various seemingly strange artifacts such as the neck of a Fender guitar I’d smashed on the street during one of mine and Tina’s more interesting nights out. I’m not sure she quite bought my very convincing speech about sentimental value and the perfect symbolization of our friendship, but she did give up in the end, muttering something about it all being very childish 😉 I don’t particularly mind being a bit childish at times, so I, too, gave it a rest and rather than argue, we instead shared a beer and went crazy putting up christmas ornaments and what have you around the living room.

After a while, Tina’s parents had also had enough and decided that they needed to get home and have some dinner and relax. Tina and I kept at it for a few more hours, mainly doing some light cleaning and sorting of things, as well as removing some of the rather excessive christmas ornaments Tina’s mom and I had created around the living room.. Eventually we went “fuck it”, put the cleaning remedies away, got a beer from the fridge as well as some left over pizza from lunch, plopped down in Tina’s new couch in front of the TV.. And well, just sorta curled up and died.. Right, not literally, of course, but we really were tired after a long week and a seemingly even longer weekend, so after a bit of food and a beer we weren’t really up for much more than just staring at the TV and relaxing fully and completely.

A task that we didn’t even manage to keep at for very long before Tina decided that she was done for and needed sleep. I reckoned she was right and as such let her get to it while I walked myself home, feeling utterly spent after a 35 hour work week and a weekend with barely any sleep or rest.. It was worth it, though. I had no idea moving could be so easy, or so much fun for that matter… It really was the best move ever!


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