2009 Holiday Season: How not to end the year!

Umm? Hello? Is this thing still on? Well, first off: A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all! So, i’ts 2010 now, eh? The first decade of the now-not-quite-so new millennium is over, this blog is on its fourth year running and a large part of the world is hung over..

Now, you may be wondering why this place has been so quiet lately.. Well, thing is, I’m not entirely certain.. There’s been work, there’s been the holidays which involved running around all over the country for a few days including a trip to visit Tina and her parents in Vejen on the 23rd (no bomb threats this time around), a trip to visit my dad’s family in Nyborg on the 24th, dinner with Tina in Kolding on the 26th followed by wine with her and her boyfriend and a party at one of our friend’s place.. And finally dinner with my mom and her boyfriend in town on the 27th.. A dinner that ended up being canceled due to a mystery illness (more than likely a throat infection of sorts) that had been brewing since about the 22nd and kicked in full force on the morning of the 27th.. We’re talking high fevers, chills, shakes, dizziness, coughing up phlegm, sore throat, breathing difficulties, all the good stuff.. Essentially I was sicker than I ever remember being in my adult life, and it lasted for four days straight. What a mess. Having tried both, I’d take the swine flu any day over this crap.

So there you go, between running all over the country and being sick and eventually getting really, really sick, there just simply has been no energy for keeping this blog updated – I apologize, but such are the circumstances. So, in that aspect it’s been a pretty interesting holiday season: I’ve had to cancel a lot of things including a gourmet dinner with my mom and her boyfriend Klaus which they’d put so much time, effort and consideration into. Well, the truth is that I did show up, but was struggling just to sit upright while Klaus did the cooking that I was supposed to have helped with. I then put down about half a piece of paper thin salmon while totally not being able to enjoy the nice, expensive bottle of Prosecco my mom had brought all the way from Rome. The main dish I had to pass on after sampling one bite and instead I curled up in a fetal position on the couch. We ended up exchanging presents in a flash and two hours after arrival I had to call for a cab to take me home, pretty much in tears because I felt so bad about them wanting me to give me such a great, special experience and me being too sick to enjoy or appreciate it. It was really disheartening and made me feel like a total bastard.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to pass on our traditional, yearly, little Xmas celebration in our tightly knit little group of friends on the 30th which made me feel all the more sad and miserable.. But that’s life, I guess.. Major fucking bummer, though.

In fact, I came close to having to cancel my attendance at our New Years Celebrations on the 31st as well.. But through a combination of sheer dumb luck, reckless gambling with my general health, determination and a fair amount of (much appreciated) support from my two favorite blondes, I made it through the day and the night and well into the new year despite feeling, looking and acting like a mess.. But that really is a post of it’s own, one that I should probably do tomorrow, should I (hopefully) continue to improve and feel better. And it should be pretty elaborate and intelligible this year as I, in a hell freezes over kinda scenario, spent most of the night in a sober kinda state.

In short, it’s been a pretty rough end of the year. I’m grateful for the good experiences that I got to have yet really bummed out about the ones I missed. More importantly, I’m really grateful for all the care, consideration and warmth people have shown me. And I guess that’s what the holidays are really about, so at least in that aspect it hasn’t been too bad.

So, happy 2010, loyal readers, I hope it finds all of you well.. Let’s get this fourth year of blogging rolling!


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