Exit Flu / Enter Tonsillitis

Well, that was interesting.. Remember how I said I’d be back with updates provided that my situation improved? Weeell, guess what.. Things didn’t exactly improve.. In fact things got a lot worse. Or, well, the fever issue got a lot better but in return my throat started acting up more and more.. Things were bad on the 1st, got increasingly worse throughout the 2nd and on the morning of the third I was struggling to breathe properly, swallow or even just sit up or lay down.. I was miserable to say the least.. In a curled up, catatonic, “I want my mommy!” kinda way..

When day finally broke on the 3rd, I exhibited more un-Johan-like behavior and called the emergency doctor hotline which confirmed my suspicion that all might not be quite well in Johan-land when they told me to come in at once.. So off to the hospital I went to spend a few hours in the emergency medical system.. A system I’ve heard a lot of trash talk about, but I can’t really say anything except the treated me very well and professional-like. I barely even had to wait. The nice doctor that I got to talk to listened to my symptoms and went to do a swab of my throat. As I opened my mouth and he did the swab he informed me that he could tell just from looking at my throat that I had a bad case of tonsillitis, his only objective now was to analyze the swab in order to figure out which specific kind I’d fallen victim to and have a listen to my lungs to make sure the infection hadn’t spread.. Which luckily it hadn’t.

Apparently I’m a tough cookie because the nice doctor man told me that just from listening to my lungs, he could tell I must be in a world of hurt and that he was surprised I’d endured it for so long.. Meh, I wasn’t really sure what to say to that, but instead I did happily accept the prescription for some heavy duty antibiotics he offered me. I then jumped into a cab and down to the pharmacy to fill it.. Then by way of the supermarket back home to pass out on the couch..

So, that’s where we are now. Rather than being fine and well on my way to recovery, I’m now on antibiotics for at least a week to fight off the inflammation of this poor throat of mine.. No fair, I say.. No fair!


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