Johan vs Tonsillitis, Day 3: Bring Me To Life

So, here’s the deal.. We all know that antibiotics are bad for you.. But I think I kinda love them anyways.. At any rate, they seem to be working.. Really well!

I’m currently on day three of my antibiotics treatment for tonsillitis and those little 800 mg suckers are doing one hell of a job. Actually, they’ve been working pretty much since day one, but I did force myself to take another day off from work just to make sure that I was doing reasonably well and could actually take the pressure of going back to work.

After yet another frightfully boring day at home on the couch, I’ve now concluded that I’m about strong enough to return to work and will give it a shot tonight.. Will have to see how that pans out I guess, but as of right now I’m sick and fucking tired of staying at home alone, laying on the couch, watching mind numbing television half of the day and sleeping the other half away from pure boredom.. I swear to God, I’ll never figure out why people waste their time watching TV, I mean, c’mon!

Anyways, yes, so that’s the current state of the Johan.. Things are picking up, thanks partially to my breakfast of champions that would make most rock stars jealous, partially because my appetite seems to have returned and partially because I’m bored fucking shitless sitting here and doing nothing.. I was so looking forward to getting back to work to begin with and now I’ve wasted even more days laying around doing nothing.. Bah, humbug!

I’ll leave you with a picture of my new favorite morning ritual.. Pill popping! Incidentally, Marilyn Manson called the other day.. He wants his breakfast back:


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