You don’t have tonsillitis! – Wait, I rather think I do!

It’s day five of my ongoing battle with myself, my body  and my bad case of the tonsillitis. A case which now, luckily, seems on the run.. Thanks mainly to a combination of pain killers, vitamins and heavy duty antibiotics.

I’ve been back at work for two nights now and it has pretty much been okay. We haven’t been too busy, but I’ve been hanging in there nicely, and surviving in the process. It (along with the antibiotics and my body struggling to get well) has taken its toll on me, of course, so the first couple of days were pretty much a process of sleep, eat, work, repeat.. But it’s mainly been worth it. Not having to lay on the couch and fry my brain watching TV, but actually getting up and about instead has been well worth it.

Speaking of getting back to work, apparently my return shocked the hell out of everybody. Apparently you’re not supposed to be back on your feet so quickly during a bad case of the tonsillitis and apparently my returning to work after two and a half days on antibiotics was “borderline crazy”. Not so, I argue, it’s just normal Johan do or die attitude! Truth be told, I’d have normally have gone in on Monday instead of waiting till Tuesday. Luckily for me, though, I’m not quite my old usual self in the sense that when I don’t listen to myself or my body’s signals, I tend to listen to Tina.. Coz well when I don’t take care of myself, Tina gets mad and then she yells at me, but more importantly she also gets sad and I don’t want that, so.. Based on that and the fact that I had just been sicker than I ever remember being in my entire adult life, I took an extra day off and didn’t go into work until Tuesday night.. Where people were apparently still more than a little surprised to see me up and about.. Let alone talking, joking and working.

Torben, my dear messed up colleague, went so far as to argue when we were driving home that, seeing as how well I was doing, there was no way in hell I was suffering from tonsillitis – and if so, he wanted some of the pills I were taking. When I then told him that I’d been prescribed 800 MG Primcillin, he revised his statement and declared that maybe he didn’t want none of that crazy shit anyways, but that he was still impressed but maybe not quite as surprised by my recovery.

Wednesday went better still, still some coughing and wheezing and tiredness, but nothing more than I could handle. I was able to put in an hour more than the night before, with more laughs and smiles than the night before, which makes me think that I may finally be getting well.. Like, really..

It’s now early Thursday afternoon. I haven’t had the best night as far as sleep is concerned, but I really am feeling more awake and about than I have in weeks now. Apparently tonight may be our busiest night this week, so we’ll have to see how that pans out. I’ve got about two and a half days left on antibiotics and as such should be well for the weekend.. Go me!

Longer, more exciting updates coming up?


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