New Day, New Johan, New Look..

First and foremost, the observant reader might have noticed a small change to the style and layout of the blog.. This is owing mostly to a mistake I made last night.. So, for the record: Don’t go through a week on antibiotics plus work, then do a 3 AM Barley Wine tasting, and then start thinking “Hey, what if I just tweaked this little setting..?” – You might wind up spending several hours tweaking settings, fixing widgets and messing with layouts and themes in an effort to either get things back to normal or improve them.. Either way, the results of that little mishap are starting to show.. I hope you’ll approve, if not, drop me a line or a comment..

In other news, today is Saturday (wow, Johan, really?).. This means that I’ve not only made it through the first week back at work after my brush with the seasonal flu and a bad case of tonsillitis. It also means that I’ve made it through my week on antibiotics.. Well, nearly.. I’ve got a single pill left which I’m supposed to swallow in a few hours and hopefully then I’ll be well and fine. I’m still a bit coughy and sneezy, but I guess that was to be expected.. At least my throat doesn’t hurt like fuck all anymore. A cold I can live with.. The flu and tonsillitis. Not quite so!

To celebrate the fact that I’m doing a hell of a lot better, I’ve decided to pull myself together and get my ass back in the kitchen for the first time since, well, 2009.. December 26 to be exact.. Back in the test kitchen, even.. I’m currently guesstimating my way through brining and slow roasting a small Cornish hen for, well, experimental purposes I can’t really elaborate on yet.. As always I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, but it should be interesting at the very least.. And if all fails I have, as always, back up on the fridge, in the shape of a nice bottle of Chablis, so one way or another I’m sure I’ll have a party to celebrate being somewhat back in shape after two and a half weeks of sickies, antibiotics and what have you..

So, to sum it all up, things are slowly getting back to normal (other than the layout of this blog, I guess).. I hope to be back to my normal self before next week.. And the same goes for this blog, I pray.. It’s been quite a while since the average length of my posts has been this short.


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