39 minutes

That’s, apparently, how long it takes from the time that I get a new stove installed to the time I suffer my first burns at the hands of said stove. If you’re wondering what I’m doing getting a new stove installed, it’s really quite simple.. A few months ago, the old one died.. Well, the oven part did, at least.. The top burners were still working.. To the extend that an almost 20 year old stove would work anyways.

Now, in case you somehow hadn’t noticed, I’m a big fan of cooking and for someone like me, living without an oven just isn’t going to cut it.. I did my best surviving with nothing but a small toaster oven to get me by for a few months. I even managed to cook large parts of a five course gourmet dinner in said toaster oven, and according to Tina that turned out pretty well.. But still, the concept of me not being able to cook a roast, a pizza, a full-sized chicken.. Or even just simmer things in the oven? Not good!

So, following some delays, some confusion and forgetfulness, ’twas about high time I had a new stove installed as part of the major renovation process my apartment is going through. And so, finally, last night, it all came together and a nice, elderly hardware arrived to dispose of  my old, worn out stove and install a new one. This whole installation process apparently turned into a  nostalgic trip down memory lane for the hardware guy who apparently wasn’t at all used to seeing such old-school appliances and was apparently fascinated by the construction and inner works of the thing to an extend that seemed borderline scary to a layman such as myself. Things didn’t get much better when he got around to installing my new stove which was apparently so old school in it’s design and functions that he somehow found it cool – Meh, we honestly picked this very model based on the very low price point, but if that makes us cool, so be it.

Upon finishing the installation, my new-found hardware geek friend instructed me to let the burners and the oven heat for a bit, then turn them off and let them cool before putting the stove to use.. Which I did, and that all went fine, then I decided to cook myself some dinner.. And of course that’s where things went wrong.. Or more like expected, I guess.. It’s a pretty well known fact that I hurt myself a lot during my cooking sessions, mainly by burning myself, so I guess it was to be expected that my first use of the new stove would be a baptism of fire by placing my hand on the side of a 200 centigrade warm oven.. In a strange, twisted kinda way, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.. And at least this way, I found out that the oven does indeed work, and get quite hot.. Yay!

So, having a new, working stove with working oven is a pretty big deal for me and, truth be told, about the most exciting thing to happen this week.. I’ve been working a lot, I’ve been dealing a lot with handymen and renovations.. A part of my life that I’m honestly getting a little tired off, but am hopefully seeing the last of in these days. I hear everything is supposed to be done by Sunday.. And I also hear that the house goes on sale on Monday, so I’ll need to get my shit together and clean up the place after all the sickness and renovations that has been going on lately.. At some point during the weekend.. Yay! Cleaning duty, how I love thee!


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