I Hope I Die Before I Get Old

Is a very famous line written in 1965 by guitar hero and classic rock legend Pete Townshend. It’s used in the song “My Generation” which helped launch the career of one of my favorite classic rock bands, The Who.

I now have reason to believe that Townshend was either lying, or he’s just not feeling very old just yet. At any rate 45 years down the road, Townshend and The Who are still going strong despite their rock n roll lifestyle having taken the lives of two band members.

Now, 45 years is a long run for any band.. It’s like.. 315 years for a dog band.. But The Who has obviously still got it as visible in this video that I just found on Youtube:

Granted, there’s something strangely ironic about men in their sixties singing about a Teenage Wasteland.. But, eh, maybe it’s because of their upcoming Super Bowl appearance, maybe it’s because I’m getting old myself, maybe it’s the phase of the moon.. But I fucking dig this song lately! It’s an unrealistic thought, but there really are parts of me that wish The Who could keep on rocking for another 45 years.. Even if that would put the founding members at 109 and 110, respectively.. But that’s still young compared to above mentioned dog band, right?

Pleeeeease, God of Thunder, may we have another 45 years of The Who?

And as a side note for Tina: I think you should get over your dislike for this band, it’s kinda hard to teach you about classic rock without The Who 😛


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