Insomnia Please Release Me

I seem to be completely incapable of falling asleep at night these days.. Which, I guess, is not really that surprising seeing as I work nights and falling asleep during my working hours would be considered pretty bad behavior on my part I’m sure.. However, the not being able to sleep at night part seems to have carried over into the mornings now as well meaning that when I get home at 3-something-ish AM, I’m awake for a few more hours before deciding to go to bed at around 5.. Then, usually, I’ll just lay there, looking to get some shut eye but not really getting anywhere with my efforts. Usually the clock will strike 7, even 8 before I finally doze off and catch a lovely four hours of sleep or so before starting the day anew at noon which is the time that I usually prefer (or am demanded) to get up.

For once, I’m really not sure what causes this weird behavior on my part, but I’m really not digging it.. It makes for some really long, confusing days.. Or alternatively some really short hazy ones on days where my body just gives up and I end up sleeping in for hours until I’m either rudely woken by Tina calling at 2 PM, thinking that she can’t possibly ruin my beauty sleep at this hour, or fall out of bed myself at 3 PM, wondering what the fuck happened, who and where I am, what day of the week it is and whether my favorite color is really blue or if it was but a dream.. Yup, sleep deprivation will make you lose track of a lot of things..

But hey, maybe tonight will be better, maybe tonight I’ll sleep, and consequently tomorrow will be better as well.. Yeah, that’d be swell.. Oh, if I could just get some sleep..

.. Till then I guess I’ll keep scouring Youtube, Wikipedia and other Web 2.0 sites for mindless entertainment, interesting multimedia and random facts.. Speaking of which, did anyone else realize that the above posted song by Faithless is 15 years old by now? Holy crud.. Still awesome, though!


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