I has a bedroom!!

Some time ago, Tina asked me why I didn’t spend more time blogging at work in the periods where we didn’t have much to do. I guess back in those times, I didn’t update my blog too frequently and that may have been why she asked. Things have changed a bit since then, but I don’t see that as a reason not to follow her advice and spend some time blogging from work.. Hey, it’s better than them paying me to do absolutely nothing in the dead periods, right? I should think so..

So, what is up in Johan-land? Well, it’s been another long working week.. It’s been pretty tiring.. But it’s now 2:35 AM Friday morning so I guess I’ve once again almost made it through. It’s also been another week of renovations and people stumbling around my apartment at all sorts of weird hours.. But with a little twist this time around.. You see, after a few accidents, much cussing, a bit of redoing, deconstruction, more cussing and a few renegade decisions by yours truly and my landlord.. We’ve managed to complete a project!!

And not just any project.. No.. The bedroom project.. The very same project that I’ve spent post after post, day after day, hours, probably even days and months complaining about by now. Wallpapering was finished earlier this week, everything was painted yesterday, and I spent today trying to scrub clean the wooden floor to the best extend of my abilities.. A task I didn’t quite succeed at.. But I’d like to think I gave it my best shot considering that both glue, plaster and cement had been spilled all over the damn thing by various more or less skilled hired hands. After three washings, a lot of scrubbing and some sanding, I gave up and left whatever spots remained as they were.. Hopefully I’ll be able to cover them up with my bed and the new closet I’ve managed to steal from Tina during her move.

Speaking of bed, I got that in place as well.. Managed to move it from our wash room, all the way through my apartment and into my bedroom all by myself.. Which was a bit of a task to say the least.. But hey, I’m an ex warehouse worker and stubborn to boot, so I somehow managed.. And only dropped it on my feet twice during the process, I might add.. And with that, the process was pretty much complete. There are a few minor things that still needs to be taken care of, but those should be fixed on Saturday and it’s nothing more than I couldn’t move in..

And that’s it.. Tonight, I have a bed to sleep in! Tonight will be my first time in all of 2010 sleeping in an actual bed! That’s both kinda awesome and kinda sad at the same time.. And I’m wondering what it’ll feel like.. Goodbye couch, I’ll miss you.. But I promise I’ll come visit every day!

So.. That’s one big thing that happened this week outside of work. There are other things I could relate.. But I’ll guess those stories will have to wait.. I might actually want to try to act like I’m at work, as it seem I actually have some work to do..


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