Game Day: Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday

By all accounts, Sunday couldn’t have been a much better day for a New Orleans Saints fan such as myself. Granted, a few things could have shaped out a bit better, but what’s a boy to do? I kicked off the day by doing something I hardly ever get to do anymore, namely sleeping in, which, I found out, does the body good.. I then slowly got up and about, wandered over to the supermarket, bought a 12 pack of Heineken (mainly on account of it being the cheapest option, really) and made my way down to Godset, a local venue which doubles as rehearsal space for local bands. The plan was to spend the major part of the afternoon checking out Dunkel’s band project and see how they were getting along, and it turned out to be a pretty good plan.

I started out by sharing my first six pack with the band who has now grown to become a fully functional five piece band with a vocalist, bass player and all.. And they’re getting pretty good, too! And loud! Especially if you’re stuck in a small room between the five of them with two guitar amps and a bass amp going full blast, vocal amps blasting and the drummer beating the crap out of his setup some two feet to the left of you.. My professional ear plugs have really come in handy, thank you very much!

I got to see the band play through their set twice and I quite liked what I heard (and I’m not just saying that because the lead guitarist happens to be one of my best friends). Their sound is very punk rock like but with a much deeper, heavier metal-like feel to it.. With a heavy dose of energy, some screaming, break downs, solos and other goodies thrown in for good measure.. It’s hard to define, really, but I hear Dunkel is afraid people will classify it as pop punk which I highly doubt is gonna happen.. To me it sounds much more like metalcore but without the constant double bass drum/screaming combo.. Which I guess makes it less metalcore and more post-hardcore or alternative metal/punk.. Fuck it, I don’t know.. Fact of the matter, it’s good stuff and I’m working on having some demo material to post soon.

Anyways, after listening to the boys play and pondering silently by myself about what exact genre to shove them into, I made my goodbyes with the band as they went for a break, then headed down to meet up with the rest of my Super Bowl party at a local downtown restaurant called Joe’s Diner.. The idea was to meet up a few hours (or six) before the game and pig out on some greasy spoon food before tumbling back to Michael Kristjansen’s place to watch the big game on the big screen. The idea seemed pretty good, and for the most part it was, it would actually had been the perfect plan had the dinner not been an absolute disaster.. But, well, at least the company was good. Our little party included myself, Penny, Michael, Thomas Holm, and a couple of their friends, Søren and his brother whatshisface.

Together we enjoyed a memorable dinner which included such highlights as waiting almost 30 minutes for appetizers, of which they forgot one, waiting 10 minutes for a refill on a pitcher of beer after having waited a good minute or two to even grab the attention of the totally non-present waiting staff behind the bar, and, finally, waiting another 30 odd minutes for our entrees along with the tables around us and the people waiting for takeout who all were growing equally weary.. When the food finally did arrive, I was treated to one of the least memorable burger meals of all time. I know I shouldn’t expect the world from a DKK 120 entree, but I’d expect a little more than a batch of the cheapest flash frozen potatoes chugged into the deep fryer and served without any salt what-so-ever, an overly cooked burger with tasteless greens, no hint of the garlic dressing I ordered and a rather characterless whiskey sauce.. Thumbs up for the bacon and the home-made brioche style bun, though.. I know I’m slamming them pretty hard here, but guys.. Really.. Not cool! I ended up feeling like I had been better off going to Burger King, waiting a fraction of the time and getting tastier food for half the price.. And I feel sad even writing this, but really.. That’s how I feel, and it shouldn’t be that way! Oh well, at the very least we got a bit of a buzz out if sitting around, waiting with nothing better to do than to drink some beer.. And we got large amounts of junk food at a reasonable price.. And we had fun bitching.

After dinner, we headed back to Michael Kristjansens place and had a bit of fun trying to cram six guys in front of his TV screen in his littleish living room. We then half-assedly watched Any Given Sunday while drinking a few energy drinks and waiting for game start to roll along. We were even joined by some female company as Caroline who lives downstairs from Michael and is a well-known Uboat regular showed up to join in the fun of trying to understand the game and getting hit on by Thomas Holm.. An effort she pretty quickly gave up on.

A lot could be said about the game itself and a lot probably already has been said.. Suffice to say here is we had fun. We were predominantly a room full of Saints fans, so naturally we didn’t enjoy ourselves too much during the first quarter or so.. But after the surprise onside kick (which several of us had actually called – as a joke – before it happened) things picked up, as did the noise level. The half time show was enjoyed to the full extend by the four classic rock fans in the house – to the full extend that a horribly out of synch telecast can be enjoyed anyways.. And got some kudos from yours truly for opening with Pinball Wizard and playing all of Baba O’Riley..

The second half of the game featured more celebrations, a two point conversion, an interception and even more yelling, jumping about, high fiving and what have you.. Culminating, of course, in a well-deserved victory for the Saints and much lively clapping and cheering in the little living room, despite the fact that the clock had now passed 4 AM and everyone present but Johan was used to snoozing happily at this hour. We finally disbanded at around 4:30 AM, and Penny and I took the long, hard walk home together, talking about tall tales from previous drunken stints together and what have you.. All in all, a pretty good Super Bowl Sunday.. More of those, please, but better food next year, okay?


2 responses to “Game Day: Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday

  1. I wish I’d been there 😦 Next year, definitely!

  2. Awww.. :/ Well, I’d definitely be happy to have you along next year 🙂

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