Let the women show the way!

.. Because as I just found out, bitching does pay off!! Heh.. Okay, sorry about that one, ladies, you know I loves ya! Anyways, it’s true! The fact that bitching apparently pays off, not the insinuation that women inherently bitch about things.. Before I get myself into any more trouble, I’d better start from the beginning..

Lately, I’ve spent a few days waiting for a courier to arrive with a shipment.. What kind of shipment? Well, I’m not gonna tell.. Mainly because it’s a star ingredient in a surprise dinner I’m cooking for Tina in a few weeks and I kinda have a feeling she’s paying attention to the blog.. Let’s just call it an mysterious and somewhat rare ingredient of unknown origin that’s been a bitch to get a hold of.. And as such it has been causing me some distress already, without the added stress of having to sit around and wait for said item to arrive by courier (it’s really not the kinda thing you just want standing around on your doorstep).. But, you know, the things I do..

Anyways, the blasted thing was to arrive on Wednesday.. Which it didn’t.. I contacted the shipper who promised me it would arrive on Thursday instead.. Which again, it didn’t.. At this time I was growing a little tired of sitting around at home and of telling my dear little friend, who not only wanted to hang out, bit also help me with a project I’d asked her help on, that “umm.. no.. sorry.. can’t hang out today.. on.. account of.. umm.. well, it’s a secret, really..” – not the kinda excuse you want to use in front of someone you don’t have secrets from.. Never the less, the kinda excuse I was forced into using. She was nice and understanding about it, though.. As always, I get a fair amount of slack..

But yea, tiredness of waiting, general worrying about the whereabouts and state of my purchases and after not having much luck with my previous attempts of contacting the shipper for clarification and help, I turned to the girlish side which hides within me and pulled out the bitching card, converted it to e-mail form and sent it off.. Which seems to have done the trick! Not only did I actually get a reply at like 0:10 AM, I also got a promise of checking up on the situation, setting things straight and contacting me in the morning.. “Word,” I thought and calmed down considerably for the remainder of my shift that evening.. To a point where I was actually feeling pretty chipper once I arrived home at 4 AM.. Which was good because it meant I was still in pretty good spirits when I was woken not 6 hours later by the ringing of my phone.

The man on the other end turned out to be the shipper of my good who just wanted to assure me that he’d taken measures and the package was now on its way to my home and should arrive within an hour.. Which surprised me quite a bit, given the circumstances, but who was I to complain? So I got up, still wondering how the hell this whole ordeal exactly had been set up at such short notice, had some breakfast and, well, didn’t have time for much more before I was rudely interrupted by honking, screeching of tires and other familiar noises outside my window indicating that the heavy traffic outside was somehow skidding to an abrupt hold.. I looked out the window and saw that the source of the commotion turned out to be a small van which had half-assedly  driven half way onto the bike strip on the opposite side of the street from my house and then just sorta parked there, effectively blocking an entire line of traffic.

A small, young man dove out from the driver seat, grabbed a heavily insulated package and sprinted across the road amidst more honks and some not so friendly comments, he continued all the way to my door, knocked profusely and handed me the package the second I opened, barely waited for me to sign the receipt and then took off again to get back to his van and was off before again before the whole situation escalated into a full blown case of road rage.. Wowsers..

So there you have it, you can wait patiently for two days for a shipment to be delivered by courier, or you can play the bitching card and have it at your doorstep in perfect condition within two hours by special delivery.. The choice is yours.. I’d say in this case the bitching paid off. Which is good because while I’m reasonably sure that I was shipped a replacement product (great customer service there!), I’d have been considerably pissed if this shipment had gone missing or shown up spoiled..

Now to figure out what to do with the damn thing..


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