Oh Torben where art thou?

What a hellish week thus far. My dear colleague, Torben, is off on vacation (which in his mind involves driving a truck from (2 – 9 PM). This means I’m alone in the office, working two people’s jobs and trying my best to get everything done and not go crazy in the process. It’s pretty much worked thus far, but it does involve me working the 8 PM – 4 AM no-break shift and being pretty much constantly busy in that entire time period.. Oh it’s good fun, I tell you.. Especially when I then have to go home, get some food and try my best to wind down so I may get some sleep some time before 6 AM.. So that I may actually get up the next morning and spend about 4-5 hours job hunting.. Oh woe is me!

This, incidentally, is why there hasn’t really been any major intelligent updates (or unintelligent updates for that matter).. I’m quite simply spending most of my free time hunting for jobs and working on an application. There’s stuff lined up for the blog, just not much time for writing and publishing it.

Of course, the irony of struggling to find a job to match my skill set while making a more than decent living working part time in a job that requires no skill set at all is not lost on me. But, y’know, I’d love to find something a little more challenging and befitting of the skills that I’ve picked up through five years of university.. Till that opportunity rolls along, I’m more than happy paying off on my student debt monkeying about the office and processing shipments.. Oh so many shipments this week.. I can barely keep up..

And ladies.. On that note.. Once again.. We need to talk! You know I love you, but can you just get a grip for a moment? And can we talk about shoes for a moment? You lovely creatures have a problem when it comes to shoes.. No, rephrase that.. You have a fucking shoe fetish and it’s rubbing off on me, and not in a good way. Not only do I bust my back moving sacks of shoes whenever Tina choses to move (which to her credit has happened like twice in the time we’ve known each other), no, now these objects of desire are cutting into my time at work as well. Of some 1200 shipments that I processed last night, almost 600 were shipments of shoes.. Really! That translates into about two thirds of a 30 meter trailer packed with fucking shoes to feed your addiction.. And that’s in just ONE day! Given that I can process about 300 shipments an hour on a good day, that’s two hours out of my day just getting your shoes to you.. I consider myself to be a pretty considerate person, I care about you, do nice stuff to you, I cook for you, tell you when your hair looks pretty or you smell nice.. Now won’t somebody PLEASE think of the Johan?? Won’t somebody PLEASE pay it forward.. And buy less shoes?? Or at least send me a sweet little thought.. or a hug.. next time you buy those sleek little stiletto things that I busted my ass to get to you in time.. Just saying, really..


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