No sleep and no food makes Johan a quiet boy

I’m the kinda guy who likes a few very basic principles. I like my eight hours of sleep a night, I like my six daily meals, I like my morning coffee, and I like to have a quality brew when I get home from work on a Friday night. I don’t ask for much in life, I’m not very demanding in general.. But either of these go missing and I get grumpy.. So all I can say is poor Tina for having to put up with me when not one, not two, but three of the above go missing.. Which is what happened just yesterday when we went road tripping to Esbjerg to pick up a pair of socks – yes, a totally reasonable excuse for driving cross country.. A pair of socks!

Either way, you may have heard me bitching on this very blog about working quite a lot lately.. And, sure, things have gotten better, but I’m still working quite a lot and in the process am trying to ween myself off the bad habit of sleeping till around 2 PM for the simple reason of it not being a very constructive thing to do. So I’m currently working on a sleep schedule going a little like 5:30 AM – 11:30 AM which is about two hours less than I’d usually sleep and makes for a world of fun, especially when I actually have to get up and do things in the AM.. Such as going to Esbjerg and retrieve a pair of socks.

I do such things of course not because I have to, but because I like to spend time doing weird things with my best friend. Whether she likes spending time with me when I’m sleep deprived and haven’t had my morning coffee is an entirely different issue.. Regardless, such was the setup when she arrived at noon Tuesday to pick me up for a road trip. I had pretty much just rolled out of bed and was in the process  of trying to consume a coffee-less breakfast when she arrived all giddy like and ready for our great outing. I, on the other hand, was more in a “What is this bright ball of light thing doing in the sky and why does it hurt my eyes so?” kinda mood as I scrambled to her car, carrying a Slipknot CD for the road in a vain attempt to kick some life into myself.

My attempt obviously didn’t work, so I spent most of the ride to Esbjerg sulking in my seat, yawning, mumbling and not being very good company for my dear sidekick.. I’m sorry, but that’s how I roll when I don’t get my sleep and I don’t get my coffee.. And things were to get much worse..

Well, actually they got better first.. The sock retrieving part of the trip was pretty fun because said socks had to be retrieved at Christian and Emelie’s place.. They were special socks, you see, custom knitted for Tina by our dear friend Emelie which also goes to explain why we’d go all the way across the country to get them.  Since we were there anyways, we stayed over for a few hours, hung out, talked, played a few board games, I had a Coke, things were better.. Even if Coke isn’t coffee and I don’t really like Coke.. It was caffeine and it was what the body needed.

We eventually headed back late in the afternoon and that’s when disaster really struck.. Not only had I still not been smart enough as to request  cup (or three) of coffee, I was still sleepy, the Coke buzz was leaving my system and, I found out to my horror, I was getting hungry – on account of having missed a meal or two.. Oh woe was I.. And woe was poor Tina who got to spend the entire trip back with an equally pissed off, quiet and brooding Johan who only livened up once in a while to yell at inanimate objects along the road.. Poor girl.. Brave girl.. Who soldiered on, got me home to her apartment and made things all better.. For starters by getting me the coffee that I so craved. She also got more good company in the shape of Tine and Louise who just happened to be popping over for dinner.. And speaking of dinner, she got me food, glorious food! Well, her and Tine provided the food, really by going shopping, so I guess I owe a big thanks to both of them!

And so it happened that after a long day of trying to wake up early, Johan finally awoke and regained the use of all his senses and good spirits at around 7 PM after being treated to coffee, copious amounts of food and the lovely company of three beautiful young ladies.. Just in time for him to get up off his ass and head to work.. Good timing.. And so much for getting up early! Man, I’ll really have to work on that..


2 responses to “No sleep and no food makes Johan a quiet boy

  1. 😀

    I was actually thinking of that clip when I posted.. I love The Shining and I love The Simpsons.. Good times!

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