Do the Christian Side Hug

What in the..?! Maybe it’s owing to my agnostic nature, but I kinda pride myself in not making fun of people for their religious beliefs and ideas.. But.. This is really just too messed up not to mention..

The story is pretty much explained in the video, but apparently a certain group of christians have deemed frontal hugging inappropriate because it may cause people to rub crotches together, thus creating sexual tension.. Or something along those lines.. As a result, apparently the Christian Side Hug was invented to solve the problem.. Anyways, just watch the video..

What a week, first Rammstein were deemed enemies of the State by Belarus and now hugging is wrong?! Jeebus! Call me a rebel but I’m gonna keep listening to my Rammstein records and front hugging my female friends!

Thanks to Penny for the link!


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