Weary Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m feeling a little worn down and tired. Maybe it’s because it’s been a long week, maybe it’s because my dad and I spent last night sitting up till 3:45 AM, celebrating his 58th birthday by listening to The Boss while sharing a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape chased with a couple of Stouts.. Yeah, come to think if it, that may have been the cause of my sleepy, heavy head..

But such are the ways of the Johansen family. It was my dad’s birthday, and it was celebrated in style:

From the very get go where my dad and I, shortly after my arrival, snuck away from a bitter argument with his wife about Jerusalem artichokes  to heat up a couple of baguettes in the upstairs kitchen.. While, incidentally, sampling a good bottle of red wine and not telling the missis.

Over dinner with family and friends where I had the most hilarious conversations ever with a 80 year-old farmer who had been made to sample a gourmet dinner a few weeks back and was none too impressed, actually downright offended, by the portion sizes and the distinct lack of gravy and boiled potatoes. (ah yes, culinary traditions die hard).

To me, my dad and Dennis getting hammered over a board game after most of the guests had left.. All the way to our 3 AM encounter with the last of the really good bottle of red wine, a few beers, Mr Springsteen and some talks about the good, old times.

A pretty simple, quiet, yet wonderful way to celebrate a birthday.. And one that apparently leaves you a little worse for wear on the next day judging by the state of both my dad and I today and the laughs being had on our behalves.. But supposedly that’s the way we roll and it’s comforting to know that even at age 58, my dad hasn’t gotten too old for a few beers and a heavy dose of rock ‘n’ roll.. Leaves hope for the future, it does.. And I do reckon that I’m now off to rest for a few hours before catching a train home.. The internet seems down anyways, so no reason trying to make this a lengthy post..


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