If this doesn’t give you goosebumps..

.. Well, then you’re obviously not a metal-head! But that’s okay, I’ll just go ahead and post this for those old school metal-heads out there.. This is a clip from a DVD I got from my dad as a Christmas present, namely Metallica’s “Francais Pour Une Nuit”. It’s the intro clip and the first song.. And, well, if you know at least a little of Metallica you’ll get the drift..

When I first saw this clip, I had about three different thoughts. The first was that Les Arena Nimes l’Arena de Nimes might be THE single coolest venue ever and that I wanna catch a show there some day. The second was that it’s damn cool to have Blackened back as an opener.. And the third is that Lars Ulrich must be reading my blog because, wow, I make a few.. Well.. A lot of comments about how he’s gotten old and sloppy and what.. And then this happens? Okay, Lars, I’ll take most of what I said back, you can definitely still play fast if you want to.. Course at this particular show, you’re kinda faster than the rest of the band, but I’m sure we can work that out.. We’ll just have everybody else play faster! Right?

Anyways, enjoy!


4 responses to “If this doesn’t give you goosebumps..

  1. One word! Awesome!!!

  2. Two words: I agree!

  3. I’d just like to say that you don’t have to be a metal-head to get goosebumps… or well, maybe I just don’t count 😉 But yeah, really awesome venue – l’Arena de Nimes 😉

  4. Stop correcting my bad French, you French speaking person, you! 😉

    And naw, you don’t really count.. On account of being special.. And I mean that in a good kinda way 😉

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