Cleaning lady situation update

Oh, I completely forgot to update you on the whole cleaning lady situation, didn’t I? I’m sorry, things have been ever so slightly crazy busy around here lately and I’m trying to ween myself off of blogging at 4 o’clock in AM because it makes for some, at times, pretty.. Umm.. Interesting rants.. But regardless, here we go:

Well, things haven’t exactly gotten simpler or less controversial since we last parted. It’s Friday morning now, I just got home from my Thursday shift.. And we’re on our third, I believe, cleaning lady this week. The first, Anja mentioned in the post below, is no more.. Or well, she’s still around, but she’s “been transfered to another position within the company”.. The second, well, she lasted about twenty seconds in the company of Torben and I.. And the third, well, we’ve yet to see her.. But I dread what might happen.

First things first, after the whole cock-block that wasn’t a cock-block incident described earlier this week, I didn’t see Anja for a few days which, honestly, worried me a bit because I thought we kinda got off on the wrong foot what with me trying to throw her out of a window, making fun of the artist she loved and then possibly but not quite coming on to her.. And I was afraid she’d somehow taken offense and was dodging us for those very reasons.

Then, finally, on Tuesday evening she dropped by the office to say hi and tell us that she’d been transfered to another department and another schedule but would still drop by every now and then to say hi because we’re, apparently, a likable bunch. I of course grabbed the chance to apologize for a number of weird events that had taken place in the course of the last week or so, suggesting that this might be part of the reason for her leaving. She wholeheartedly denied this, though, so I guess the official reason for her departing is “a change of schedule” which is fine by me because it sounds better than “chased away by fucking weirdoes.”

The fact that Anja is no longer with us naturally meant that we’d be getting a new cleaning lady, someone Torben and I were looking forward to meeting.. Because we like meeting new people, usually a hell of a lot more than new people like meeting us! Anyways, we finally got to run into her on Wednesday evening when we were making our way to work. We walked in through the front door together and paused for a moment because Torben looks like a man who has something to say: “I forgot to mention,” quoth the Torben: “there’s some sort of top level executive inspection going on today, so no crazy behavior on your part.. Like throwing cleaning ladies out of the window or the likes!” – “Ah, dangit,” I reply, as we make our way around the corner and almost crash right into a perplexed looking lady, staring blankly at us..

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” I mutter, “with our usual luck, you must be the new cleaning lady.. Name’s Johan pleased to meet you!” At which point, the lady does her best impersonation of Tina’s schizophrenic neighbor and just sorta walks walks off while still staring blankly in front of herself, not taking much notice of us. “She seemed nice,” Torben broke the silence, “what do you reckon the chances are that we’ll ever see her again?”

Slim to none would be my best guess, really.. And in fact, we did not see her tonight, but somehow the office had been cleaned when we arrived.. But just who did it and when, we’re not too sure. But then, given the events of the last few weeks, maybe it’s better that way. Maybe it’s better not to let poor, innocent young women in the vicinity of a couple of idiots such as Torben and myself. All’s I know is I look forward to next week and to seeing who gets to do the cleaning.


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