Go, Johan, Go-Go-Go!

Whoa.. It’s been a while, boys and girls.. I’m sorry.. I keep trying to write a post and I keep getting held up in something.. I feel as if I’m running twice as fast as I usually do these days but end up only making it half the distance. The reason I’m so busy? It’s pretty simple: the imminent Easter holidays approaching ever so rapidly. While most other countries get Good Friday off (if they’re lucky), Danes (for whatever reason) up the ante and make Thursday, Friday, Sunday AND Monday public religious holidays.. Quite silly, really, considering we’re not a very religious nation at all.. But I think I ranted about that last year.

Anyways, with the entire country heading to a stand-still for an entire extended weekend, the days leading up to Holy Thursday become the busiest days of the year in most industries, and in the transportation industry in particular because all of our international partners are looking at us going “WTF are you guys doing taking four days off like that, we’ve gotta rush our assess off and get all our shipments to you before Thursday.. Here, have at you!!” . The effect is quite noticeable on Torben and I who are currently processing about a THOUSAND extra shipments a day on top of our regular load and whatever chores we have to take care of for people who have been wise enough to not want any part of this madness and have taken a few extra days off around easter..

Now, add to this the fact that I haven’t been sleeping properly at night that I’m quite busy writing applications in various languages and that I have to take care of the house and of tend to Tina’s apartment while she’s out skiing about, well, you can hopefully see where the web updates somehow get lost in my little race against myself.

All this rushing about has led to a strange kinda predicament in which I’m actually looking forward to a few days of forced, self-paid vacation because while my mind is telling me this is a pretty bad deal, my body’s kinda going “fuck you, I need a break!” which is incidentally also what Tina has been shouting and yelling at me for the past odd week or so. Well, to be fair she wasn’t so much shouting and yelling as she was smiling at me sweetly and lovingly, but that’s because she knows it’s the only thing that never fails to cheer me up when I get all stressed out like this, so while her cute smile said one thing, her words and opinions were more of a “shape the fuck up and chill the fuck out!” nature..

Well, point taken, babe, last application of the week has been finished, my house is clean, your plants are watered, and while I ate your food and drank one of your beers, I did replace the roll of toilet paper that got used up and saved one of your plants from dying, so I hope we can call it even! Now to finish two more hellish days of work and then I’m off to do fuck all from Thursday through Monday.. Well, fuck all ‘cept maybe have a few beers with Dunkel, a small dinner with my mom.. And maybe even update this blog as well.. And sleep! Oh yes, to sleep, perchance to dream! That is.. Hamlet’s monologue?! This is getting too weird!



2 responses to “Go, Johan, Go-Go-Go!

  1. Psst, I believe you are one to appreciate this:

    YUM! *drool*

  2. Seriously, that’s almost hotter than that Rihanna booty shaking video you shared 😛

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