Still Alive, Not Quite Unbroken

Well, I’ve gone and done what certain people didn’t think I’d manage to. I survived easter break! Certain people in this context meaning Torben, and the possibility of me not surviving easter referring to the fact that he found out that Tina would be gone skiing for a week and that he wasn’t entirely sure we’d be able to last an entire week without each other’s company.

And while it has been tough, on Johan at least, and there has been some complaining, on Johan’s behalf at least, I’m reasonably sure we made it. I did hear from Tina yesterday afternoon so it looks like she made it home safely and alive.. And I’m currently writing this update so it looks as if I made it through alive as well. Even though I did die a little inside and lost a part of myself in the process. And while I would love to attribute this to missing my dear little sidekick, I will probably have to chalk it off to biting into something a little harder than I could chew and breaking a tooth in the process.. Which, for what it’s worth, did make me miss my little friend cause it made me all sad and bitter-like and in need of a hug.. Which I didn’t feel too comfortable asking Dunkel for.. So, let it be know.. Breaking a tooth, not the best way to kick off your first real vacation in almost a year!

Broken or chipped teeth aside, easter has actually treated me pretty well. I had a blast on Thursday joining Dunkel’s band for a practicing/jam session in Kolding with beers, madness and other good times. It probably wasn’t the most productive session ever, but it sure was fun. I then, along with Dunkel and Tommy the bass player caught a lift with Iben and Under to Esbjerg to hang out with Dunkel for a few days. I’m reasonably sure Iben and Under regretted giving us the lift within the first few minutes of the trip because apparently three tipsy guys plus luggage in the back seat of a small car can be a bit of a nuisance for driver and co-driver alike. They put on their best faces but I did spot a few odd looks in the rear view mirror from time to time and they didn’t seem particularly sad about first dropping off Tommy, then Dunkel and I.

Having arrived safely at Dunkel’s, we got started on our major projects of the day, getting hammered, cooking dinner and listening to music. The getting hammered part went pretty smoothly, as did the cooking dinner part.. Dunkel apparently lives with a girl who has decided that she doesn’t like lasagna, so since she was out for the evening, the Dunkel wanted lasagna and spent most of the cooking time watching me with childlike fascination and excitement. It was during the consumption of the lasagna that all went wrong when suddenly I heard a loud crack between my teeth and discovered large parts of the front of one of my teeth to be missing.. Who shatters teeth on lasagna, anyways? That answer, apparently, is Johan!

This put a bit of a dampener on my good mood which is putting it mildly, a more accurate statement would be that it pissed me off to a clearly measurable extend and made me a hell of a lot more bitter than the beers we were chugging.. It’s not that I mind expensive dinners as such, it’s just that I wasn’t really counting on a Thursday night lasagna dinner winding up costing me upwards of what I paid treating Tina to an eight course tasting dinner with real Caviar, Champagne and all.. But I suppose that’s where we’ll end after dental bills and all have been taken care of.. FUCK! I really had only one solution to the problem and my bad mood which was, not surprisingly, to get fucked up. And, in the words of Newfound Glory, “I guess that explains why I can’t remember the rest of the night.”

While we woke pretty early on Friday, most of the day was spent in a haze, laying on the couch, drinking beer, watching a few TV shows, walking the dog and getting more beers in the process, doing dishes, cooking dinner, for the girlfriend as well who had returned by the end of the day, watching more TV, drinking more beers, listening to some music, drinking more beers and eventually going to bed at around 2 AM.

On Saturday, I for one rose early again and spent most of the day playing with public transportation as I first took the bus from Dunkel’s to the Esbjerg train station where I bought some horribly overpriced breakfast, I then caught a train to Kolding, did some quick grocery shopping, walked home, took a much needed shower and then caught another bus to my mom’s where I had a nice easter dinner with her and her boyfriend, Klaus. Dinner included my French onion soup and Klaus’ leg of lamb  which was surprisingly good even for a non-lamb loving person such as myself. Dinner also included ample amounts of wine including a few bubbles which I, for the first time in my life, opened using the sabrage technique. Or that is to say a reasonable approximation of the sabrage technique in which a bottle of Champagne is opened using a sabre.. I found out later that the bottle was actually a Prosecco which Klaus for whatever deranged reason referred to as Champagne.. And the Sabre was more of a carving knife than a sabre.. But still, I got to break stuff and the combination of weapons and alcohol was quite fascinating.

Having thusly wielded weapons, broken bottles, drunk my fill and eaten about half a leg of lamb, I went on for my final dance with the public mass transit grid for the day as I took the bus home, crashed on the couch, opened a good Belgian beer and dozed off in front of the TV.

Both Sunday and Monday were spent mostly just chilling and doing as little as possible. It was all good and possibly just what I needed, though I’ve never really been much good at just sitting still and doing nothing so I felt strangely weird and unaccomplished spending my days doing nothing more than researching food pairings and recipe ideas for the wines I’d recently bought and watching movies. And I felt even weirder about sleeping as much as I did and going to bed as early as I did (insofar as 2:30 AM can be considered early).. I suppose that’s something I’ll have to get used to, though. My body says thanks though my mind is calling me an unproductive bastard.

It’s now Tuesday and things are pretty much back to normal after the unnecessarily long spell of public holidays. I’ve (fruitlessly) checked job offerings, I’ve been out on a long walk which seems to work wonders for my mood these days, I’ve booked an appointment with my dentist which required a considerable amount of self-persuasion and courage on my part.. And I’m about ready to go back to work in a few hours and see what kinda accidents and mischief Torben has been up to.


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