I feel violated!

So, the good news is that, despite many predictions on my side that things were going to go horribly wrong, I survived my trip to the dentist. And she did make my tooth all better-like. The bad news is that it was a costly trip and a painful one at that.. I dunno, but paying a stranger to have a go at your teeth and mouth with various power tools and pointy things, causing pain and bloodshed in the process.. It doesn’t make me feel like I’ve struck a great deal, rather it makes me feel kinda violated..

But enough bitching already. In all honesty it wasn’t QUITE as bad as I’d expected, I wasn’t quite as nervous as I’d expected and I most certainly didn’t whine as much as I did last time.. But then again, this time around I didn’t get half a tooth pulled without anesthesia. It was probably one of my better dentist experiences if you disregard the pain from having the broken tooth cleaned out and a rather uncomfortable tooth cleaning experience.. And while I did nearly go into a state of full fledged panic when I saw a syringe come out, no needles were actually involved, the syringe was apparently only for adding a plastic based filler to my poor hurt tooth.. Which by the way looks a lot better now than it did this morning.. But hurts a hell of a lot more, go figure.

Another upside to the story is that the dentist was thoroughly impressed with my dental hygiene and the state of my teeth, stating several times that she couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen a dentist for five years, and actually joking in the end that she’d see me again in another five odd years or so.. So that’s good, even if I think I’ll try not to wait another five years before seeing a dentist again.. I think.. We’ll see.

The total cost for a fun-filled half hour in the chair including checkup, dental cleaning, x-rays and the filling of the great gap-o-the-tooth came to DKK 1250 (that’s UDS 230 to those of you too lazy to convert). Meaning that, if adding the cost of the food itself, my Thursday lasagna dinner which caused this whole mess came to a grand total of DKK 1350 – making it the single most expensive dish I’ve ever eaten, topping even the respectable 52 grams of Caviar I bought for Tina and I to share by almost DKK 400.. So, umm, next time I’ll just take the Caviar again, thank you very much!

But yeah, that’s about it for today, good times. It’s been a long f’ing night at work, so I’ll post more updates later, I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, too, after all. I’m gonna go eat some ibuprofen and get some sleep now. Catch ya on the flipside!


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