Jamie’s Food Revolution

For a long time now, I’ve been a fan of a little thing called TED. TED is pretty hard to explain but it’s basically a non-profit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. This is done through annual conferences, a websites with recordings of various talks and many other measures. Their website offers a plethora of media and information to sift through for anyone who feels like it, and I highly recommend going through their archives or subscribing to their various feeds. You’re pretty much bound to find something that will surprise, awe or inspire you.. As has been the case for me so many times before.

A couple of months ago now, I stumbled upon this clip below featuring Jamie Oliver, and more so than most other TED speeches I’ve seen so far, it pretty much blew me away. I’m a foodie you know so anything with a celebrity chef is pretty much gonna appeal to me.. But that being said, Jamie’s message, spirit, humor and heart-felt concern for the upcoming generation really got to me.

Long story short, like many other of us, Jamie Oliver has become pretty shocked with the state of our modern day eating habits, especially in relation to children and the way in which they’re now in many cases being brought up to know very little, if anything, about food and nutrition, and are led to believe that junk food, ready to eat meals and prepared foods are perfectly reasonable parts of an every day diet. But unlike so many of us, Jamie has actually decided to step up, raise his voice and say “umm? Hello! This is wrong, we can change this!”

In the clip above, Jamie uses a blend of humor and honesty to show the rather shocked onlookers the real severity of the problem and the sad, sad state of the food culture in many American families. He then proposes and launches a campaign to change the way in which American families think about food in order to ultimately provide better meals and a better future for American kids.

The campaign has since spread widely across America and the world as well and it’s really an inspiration to see all the hard work going into it and the sheer number of both layman and celebrity supporters signing up every day.

It takes no uncertain amount of balls to stand up to the fast food nation and tell them that they’re in the wrong. I’m sure Jamie is taking a shit-ton of flak for what he’s doing, but I for one applaud him.

It’s somewhat of a sad testament to the state of our society when obesity is becoming a major problem, and a major killer. What’s even sadder is that a whole new generation is being brought up to think that this is the norm.. This is a problem not only in America, but in many other nations around the world. And it’s about time someone with credibility, mass appeal and power had the guts to stand up and say “Guys? WTF?” – I’m sure Jamie’s putting his good rep in large parts of the US at stake for this, but for him it’s obviously worth it. And that’s not only admirable, for some it might even be life-changing or life-saving.

As a hobby cook I know for a fact that cooking someone a good, wholesome, healthy meal isn’t that much more time-consuming, harder, let alone necessarily more expensive than ordering takeout or throwing various highly processed foods together.. And, quite honestly, while I’m not a parent myself, I think we owe it to the next generation to teach them to chose the wholesome, healthy version over processed foods or other junk..

So well done, Mr. Oliver! Thanks for opening a lot of eyes around the globe and know that for every piece of criticism you encounter along your way, you’ve at least another hundred people rooting for you. You’ve inspired hundreds of thousands of people in the US and millions around the world to actually have an opinion and care about what they feed their kids and for that I applaud you.. Good luck on your quest!

If you want to follow Jamie’s Food Revolution or sign his petition, you can find more info HERE!

(Thanks to Jessica for providing the link and, thus, reminding me to finish this post)


2 responses to “Jamie’s Food Revolution

  1. Great post!

  2. Thanks, Jessica 🙂

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