My only birthday wish: A new Macbook!

Well, things got a little crazy here at the Random Drunken Rants office this weekend.. Well, very crazy, really. Old friends showed up out of nowhere, drinks were had, people got drunk.. And somewhere along the way, it was made apparent that Macbook Pros and orange juice don’t mix all that well.

Long story short, as I have a long, important day ahead of me tomorrow, my laptop became the victim of a knocked over glass of OJ. And didn’t take too well to it. It’s still alive, barely, but the keyboard and internal speakers are dead, the battery is failing and the hard drive is starting to show signs of fatigue.. To make matters worse, I opted out of the total coverage insurance once I bought the damn thing to save some $600 or so.. Which means I’m now stuck with the repair costs or with buying myself a new laptop.. Smart, eh?

With the number of issues already and the fact that the inside of the aluminum unibody of the damn thing is probably smothered in OJ.. Well, that leaves only one viable option, really.. Buying myself a new Macbook AND total coverage insurance. A purchase that’s gonna take a nice, big bite of my savings and has left me spending most of today feeling rather pissed.. I mean, it’s not that I don’t want the brand spanking new Macbook Pro.. I really do, I was just really fucking happy to have saved up enough money to pay off most of my debt.. So meh!

Anyways, rest assured that there will be many more details and much more ranting and raving about this incident, I just don’t have the time right now. I’ve started doing OT at work to somehow make up for the huge expense I’ve just shoved upon myself, and I really have to get up early in the morning. I will say this, though, I have some awesome, compassionate and sweet friends, so thanks to Zascha, Tine and Tina for putting up with me today and trying to help me feel better.

And to Zascha and Tine in particular: I honestly apologize for being in such a shitty mood today. I know we haven’t seen each other in ages and it’s really not fair that I should be in such a shitty mood when we finally do hook up. I hope you understand, though, and I promise I’ll be a lot better next time around.


2 responses to “My only birthday wish: A new Macbook!

  1. Ah dangit! That really, really sucks! R.I.P. to the Macbook. It’s understandable that you have been pissed! I hope you get a fine new one that is WAY better than the old one.

    Maybe you should wrap it in plastic whenever you drink orange juice in the future? Just a thought! 😛

    Peace out!

    (Yeah, it’s me… The girl with more blogs than shoes…)

  2. Thanks for the sympathy and the fine ideas, I’ll consider your suggestions 🙂 .. And I know who you are, young lady, I’m starting to catch on to all your multiple personalities 😛

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