The state of the Macbook address

So, as most of you have probably heard by now, my Macbook is in a pretty sorry state following a pretty wild night last Saturday. I would like to first and foremost thank the people who have offered their sympathies – from the tech geeks who have shed a tear on my behalf, to the lovely women who have offered hugs, comforting words and sweet smiles. It’s heart warming and it somehow helps dull the pain and anger a little.. Now, with that out of the way, to those who are still a little confused, let’s get to the what, how and why of what happened this past Saturday and in the days immediately following it, so here’s a small FAQ concerning the incident.

What the hell happened?

I/We apparently got Orange Juice into my Macbook Pro in a really dumbass drunken moment.

How the hell did this happen?

Y’know, I wish I knew.. I really do.. And that’s the dumbest thing about it all. All I can deduct is that a couple of us guys got really drunk, started discussing music and wanted to listen to a whole bunch of it. I can also conclude that a bunch of drunk music geeks gathered around a small table filled with open bottles, cans, various glasses, other containers – and a very expensive laptop computer – isn’t the kind of scenario that’s gonna lead to much good. I don’t exactly remember what happened – everybody blacked out in the process, but I do remember waking up to find a very overheated, slightly sticky and not very functional laptop on the table. I know that sounds pretty fucking dumb, and indeed smashing a laptop is indeed the second dumbest thing I’ve ever done while intoxicated (yet still falling very short of the single dumbest, aka the Rock Am Ring 2008 Vodka/Red Bull incident, at least I can forgive myself for smashing my own damn laptop), but my drunken logic never got around to telling me that putting a laptop amongst drunken idiots and open containers probably wasn’t the best idea in the world.. And as such, even if I don’t remember who caused the damage, I blame no one but myself.

How are you coping?

Better now, thank you very much, I was almost practically  in tears on Sunday and very, very upset with myself. This somber mood and great level of anger directed towards the self carried over well into Monday but was made somehow better by the wonderful and beautiful company of Zascha, Tine and Tina who did everything they could to cheer me up and make me feel better. Tina even went so far as to drive me all the way around town to look for a replacement Macbook, a search which yielded no results as apparently the spanking new models haven’t been rolled out into stores as of yet. So that sucked, in that aspect at least, but still helped me feel a little better partly because Tina’s dedication was both heart-warming and very supportive to me and partly because I can’t help but feel better in her company. Again, I don’t know how she does it, but I don’t think I could live without her soothing personality and comforting smile.. Well, I probably could. But I prefer to live in a world where a sweet smile from a cute blonde makes everything okay.. Go ahead and call me easy (like a Sunday morning if you must). By Monday evening, I’d gone back into stubborn old Johan mode, thinking about how I could raise the funds to pay for my stupid fucking cock-up and from the on things have been getting steadily better.

What’s the current state of things?

Well, it’s now Thursday night/Friday morning and I got home from a long week of working extra hours to make extra cash for, well, you probably get it. I still haven’t been able to find one of the mew Macbook Pro models. I don’t want to buy one off the Apple website because their Applecare insurance plan doesn’t cover the plethora of stupid shit I might well end up doing with a new laptop, so I patiently wait for it to arrive in retail stores so I may go pick one up. Until that happens, or alternatively for as long as I stubbornly can, I make do with what I’ve got.. Which is a slightly, okay very, crippled Macbook Pro.

What’s the current state of the Macbook?

Eh, well, the current state of the Macbook is that it’s working.. Sorta.. The keyboard has died, the battery is a little dodgy, the Superdrive is fucked, internal speakers are dead, the suspend feature doesn’t work and while the hard drive seems functional, it’s acting a little funny on boot and at times when trying to read some parts of the filesystem. Also, the trackpad has seen better days. I’ve managed to make it work for me, though, through the cunning use of customization and a wide array of USB peripherals that I thankfully happened to have laying around such as an old Logitech keyboard and a mouse. I’ve even hooked it up to my home stereo for sound and a steady power source for, well, a steady power source.

So, I’ve basically taken a non-functional laptop and turned it into a somewhat functional desktop computer system.. It’s not a perfect solution by any means, but it get’s me by.

So, really, how’s that working for you?

Not too badly, honestly, but not too well either. I really miss the mobility of  a laptop, I miss the comfortable keyboard and I hate having to use a mouse again. I never thought I’d say this, but these trackpads grow on you. Consequently, I’m on the computer far less than I’ve been used to, because now I need a reason to be on it and need to be in a certain spot to be on it as well, due to the lack of portability. It’s a nice change, I must admit. I’m used to being within reach of my social networks, email and all those other things pretty much 24/7 and feeling like I need to check up and be online most of the damn time.. Now I check in a couple of times a day, do what I need to do and walk off to do other things with my time. It’s soothing and much less stressful in a weird kinda way. Sitting down and writing this update is actually the most time I’ve spent in front of the computer since Saturday which is a huge break from my usual ways. That having been said, I do like writing these updates and I do like my mobility, so I hope to be back in business soon and be able to post updates from a spanking new Macbook Pro. Till then I’ll make do with this makeshift solution and do my best to keep this blog updated as well even if I’m busy working extra hours to pay for my mistakes and am having a hard time sitting down at a desk for extended periods of time after I get home from sitting at a desk for seven hours at work.

What Macbook are you getting?

Why, the new 15″, 2.4Ghz Intel Core i5 with 4 GB of Memory and 320 GB Hard drive, I believe.

I hope that answers most questions. If not, feel free to chime in with more..


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